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Genius Food Storage Container: Organize Your Tupperware For Good

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 Easy Ways To Store Plastic Food Containers 


Everyone has a cupboard full of plastic food containers that they dread having to open.

From spending frustrating minutes trying to find the right lid that fits the container you want, to having a jumble of containers fall out every time you open the cupboard door.

The Tupperware cupboard is usually one that we all wish would keep itself organized!

Luckily there are some easy ways to organize your plastic containers and keep them organized for good.

How To Organize Plastic Food Containers

Follow these easy tips to get your kitchen cupboard organized and never waste time searching for plastic food containers again.

Step 1

Empty out the whole cupboard of all plastic containers and then wipe down all the shelves, doors and inside. We love using natural cleaning products

Step 2

Declutter your Tupperware. Throw out any broken containers and lids that don’t fit.

Then think about all the containers you have. Do you use them all? Plastic containers seem to have a habit of multiplying without you even realizing! Donate or give away any containers you don’t use to someone in need or that has maybe just moved out to their first home. 

Step 3

One of the big secrets to organization is to have a place for everything.

So firstly, make sure you have all your Tupperware together in one place and that containers haven’t managed to move into other cupboards. Then work out exactly how much you have and what sort of organization system is going to work for you. 

Some tips for making an organization system work for you is to make it simple, make it accessible and practical. 

If you have containers that you don’t use often then place those in the back of the cupboard. For items that you use daily, make sure they are in easy reach and extremely simple to put away. 

To make organizing your kitchen cupboard super easy try these organizers. They will make finding the Tupperware you want so much easier and by having a simple and inexpensive system in place you will find that your cupboards stay organized too. 


Plastic Food Container Organization


Tupperware Lid Organization

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Plastic Container Organization



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  1. NEVER throw out broken Tupperware or seals (“lids”) that no longer fit anymore! Tupperware has a limited lifetime guarantee and those items can likely be replaced FREE of charge (*a small shipping fee MAY apply)! Either contact a local Tupperware consultant or the Tupperware company directly to have those items taken care of! People invest money in the Tupperware Products and depend on their quality & durability, not just purchase a product!


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