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How To Get Rid Of Toilet Smells Easily

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Smell From Toilet

Toilet smells even after cleaning? Find out what is causing toilet smells and learn easy smell hacks make your toilet smell fresh and clean.

Bad smells from the toilet can be annoying and also embarrassing when you have visitors come to your home. 

We know you have probably already tried ALL the cleaners, from natural cleaners to bleach. But if you have been cleaning constantly and your toilet still smells terrible then you may need to try some new cleaning hacks!


Why Does My Toilet Smell?

There can be a couple of ways toilet smelling is causing you a headache. And the type of bad smell from the toilet means there may be different problems and solutions.

So first identify what the smell is and then let’s show you how to fix it with some easy hacks and advice.

  • Toilet Smells Like Urine

No matter how hard you clean, the toilet STILL smells like pee.

This can be a common problem, especially if you have young boys living with you. With boys of our own, we don’t even want to know what goes on in there to cause pee to go crazy everywhere. 

We have tried all sorts of tricks, from making them clean the toilet themselves ( NOT the solution if you want to get rid of the smell obviously because we all know how enthusiastic kids are to clean, right?) to pee targets in the toilet, none of which really worked for us.

The first thing to note is that most natural cleaners are unfortunately just not strong enough to tackle these odors ( if you do find one we would love to hear from you so we can add it to this post for our readers). Good old fashion bleach is the best product to use for eliminating urine smells in the toilet. 

Next, get on your rubber gloves and be ready for some serious cleaning!

Unfortunately, just cleaning the areas you suspect may have urine on wont guarantee you get it all. Unless you get a blacklight you would probably be surprised ( in a grossed out way ) just where has pee on it.

Instead, clean EVERYTHING in the toilet area. The top of the toilet, toilet bowl, the part under the toilet bowl, the bottom of the toilet, the tiles, and walls!

We use either a toothbrush or handy bleach gel pen to get into those hard to reach spots like on the toilet seat. If you have never cleaned these small areas closely before be prepared for it to be pretty icky. 

You can leave bleach to sit for a little while to really get all the gunk but be sure not to leave it too long ( and do not put bleach on colored surfaces like walls ). Be sure to wipe off all the bleach with warm water after cleaning. 

Another place we clean is the tank. Lift the lid and pour some straight white vinegar into the tank and clean the whole area with a brush. Replace the lid and flush to finish. 

We also suggest cleaning everything in the area near the toilet. Steps, toilet brush holder, laundry baskets…..all of it. You may have missed these thinking it wasn’t possible for any pee to hit them but if it’s anything like our boys…it is very possible.

After wiping down ALL the surfaces and areas it is a great idea to finish off by steam mopping the tiled area. 

After cleaning you may want to use a few smell hacks to help that clean smell last a little longer. One of our favorites is using drops of essential oils (peppermint, lemon and tea tree are some scents you may want to try) and adding a few drops on the inside of the toilet paper tube.

You can find more smell hacks here

toilet smells like urine

  • Toilet Smells Like Sewage

If there is a sewer smell coming from toilet there could be a few issues causing the problem from no water in the P-trap to clogging. Sewage can be a health hazard so it is important to find the source of the smell and fix it as soon as possible. 

Here are some steps to take to try and get rid of that sewer smell.

Bad Smell After The Toilet Has Not Been Used For A While

If the toilet has not been used for a while then there may not be water in the P-trap. By flushing the toilet a few times you should be able to easily fix this. 

Toilet Is Clogged

If the toilet is not flushing properly then you may have a clog that is causing the problem…and the smell. You can find out how to unclog a toilet here

Broken Seals

If the seal around your toilet is broken then this can become a place where bacteria and urine can collect. This can cause smells as well as being unsanitary and you will need to reseal the area with caulk.

If you find the toilet feels wobbly then it may be the wax ring that needs replacing.  

Vent Pipe Clogged

If the smell isn’t coming from the toilet but rather the walls or nearby it could be the vent pipe which is clogged.We suggest getting in a professional plumber to fix this if you think it is the case as they can find out the exact issue and repair or replace the vent pipe as needed.  

Bacteria Build Up

Bacteria can build up in the tank and pipes causing a smell that is a bit like rotten egg. Luckily, it is easily fixed with white vinegar mixed with baking soda ( 1 cup of each ). Pour into the toilet bowl leave for 20 to 30 minutes and then flush. If this doesn’t work you can also try flushing with bleach.  

If you try all these solutions and the smell will not go away it may be time to call in a professional plumber. They will be able to help you find the problem and hopefully fix it quickly. 

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