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The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Need a spring cleaning checklist to help with your deep cleaning schedule?

We have a complete and thorough spring cleaning list for you.

Deep cleaning a house, is a job that can take a while. With our great spring cleaning ideas you can choose to power through the cleaning at your own pace and easily keep a record of where you are up to.


When Is The Best Time To Spring Clean?


Homemaking Tips


Although it was traditional to deep clean your home at the end of the long winters now you can choose to spring clean around your routine.

You may want to get stuck into it and do it all over a few days. Or you may decide to slowly work your way through the list, doing jobs when you have the time.

Our handy timing column means that the next time you run through the list you know exactly how long a job will take and can schedule it in easily and effectively around your other commitments.


What’s The best way to Spring Clean Your Home?


Cleaning Hacks


The best way to spring clean is to find a way that suits you and find motivation!

Find a cleaning routine that works well for you and make sure you stick to it.

You may find an easy way to spring clean is starting with a drawer or a cupboard then spread out from there. It can be a great way to not get overwhelmed with the job in front of you.

Another easy cleaning method is to start in one room and then go around the house.

Just remember that the best way to start cleaning is from the top of a room down. This way you won’t be redusting and cleaning surfaces more than once.  


Free Spring Cleaning Checklist


Get your free Cleaning Checklist here. It is the only cleaning schedule you will need and covers every room in the house! With 4 pages, you won’t forget any corner of your home and will have your home sparkling clean in no time.


Best Spring Cleaning Checklist


Free Spring Cleaning Checklist



Ready to start? Grab your cleaning list and head over to our great spring cleaning post for deep cleaning house hacks

These cleaning hacks will help you spring clean fast and efficiently, don’t miss them!


How To Organise Your Home


In the mood to get your home organized after spring cleaning? Decluttering your home and getting organized is how to make spring cleaning easier. Read these great posts next. 


After Spring Cleaning

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