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How to Spring Clean your Business and Workplace (6 simple tips)

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Spring cleaning at work

Having problems getting organized at work? Check out these spring cleaning business tips to bring energy and inspiration to your business or work place.

Spring cleaning is not just another cleaning session you do in your house. To deep clean in the Spring is a habit to that needs to extend into every area of your life.

We have plenty of tips on how to spring clean your home, a checklist to help you do it efficiently and fast, tips of how to spring clean your life and relationships. However your place of work should also be spring cleaned once a year at least.

So every year, make time to go through this list of specific tasks and apply them to your business or workplace. This is a simple way to keep the order or make changes to anything that may need a change in direction.

Here are some ways you can extend spring cleaning into your place of work, and do it in a more manageable way.


 Spring Cleaning your Business


1. Schedule the cleaning days

Spring cleaning is more successful when you have a plan and schedule.

If you are the owner of a company, then you could set aside a few days each spring where all of your employees, including you, use their time for spring cleaning tasks.

Perhaps you might think that this sounds like a waste of paid time but nothing could be further from the truth. Any time spent cleaning and organizing will add to the productivity of your employees.

When the workplace is free of unnecessary clutter, individuals can do their jobs more efficiently.

If you are an employee, perhaps you could talk to your manager about arranging something similar with a group of co-workers in your department.

Even if that doesn’t happen, you can still spend some time alone making your work space making it a more pleasant one. It will give you and others around you a boost in morale.

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2. Make it a fun competition

Whether you are manager or not, you can challenge your staff or co-workers to a friendly spring cleaning competition with fun prizes.

People loves to have a clear goal and this will give everyone a goal to work toward together. A little competition can go a long way when it comes to keeping up your resolve to get the spring cleaning done.

Make a simple checklist and whoever finishes it in time gets a prize.


3. Be the example to others

If spring cleaning is not an normal attitude in your work environment then why not be the first to start the spring cleaning process in your place of work?

There will be nothing more motivating to the individuals around you than seeing what a difference your effort has made.

Lead the way and be the one to take initiative, your efforts will be rewarded as they are mirrored by those around you.


4. Don’t do this alone

You can’t just get everything done by yourself or by motivating your team. Some tasks are big and you will obviously need professional help.

If spring cleaning is going to be a huge task, considering hiring a professional to assist you in your efforts.

Do hire help especially when there is a large common area, it may be easier to have one person hired specifically for the task than to add to everyone’s workload.


5. Brainstorm better ways for your systems

Spring cleaning is not just about the physical aspect of the place, you can also use spring clean to spruce up your systems and workflow.

Take sometimes to brainstorm ways that you can make your tasks and management got smoother. Remember this famous planning quote: “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

And that is so true. Once you get your process organized, and no better time to do in than during Spring when we are re-energized and in good mood, everything will be easier and much time will be saved with everyday tasks.


6. Put safety first

When you are embarking on your spring cleaning mission, always be aware of health and safety hazards.

Get familiar with your workplace surroundings, you should never deal with things that could be toxic.

Are there any items or areas that you should approach with caution when cleaning? Are there chemicals stored in places where you are not aware of?

Always use great care, and take proper precautions when cluttering and cleaning areas that are known to be dangerous, or that you are not knowledgeable about.

Don’t forget to send the trash to the right recycle material container either.

Cleaning is known to have positive effects in people’s life and work performance. After spring cleaning work will feel easier and more manageable.

Spring cleaning is just as important for your workplace as for your home. It may feel like a huge task when you start but you can get the momentum going by encouraging your team to make it happen together.

A little bit of motivation, a good teamwork spirit and the necessary precautions will get your business running smoothly in no time.


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Spring clean your business

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