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Easy Steps To Organize The Fridge

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 Easy Fridge Organization Hacks 


Did you know that on average every year American household throws away $2,200 of food?

We find that figure so upsetting. Not only for our back pocket, but also for the environment. You can find more food wastage statistics here

An easy way to reduce your waste is to organize the fridge.

This way you not only eat things before they run out of date but you also stop buying duplicates of those items that get lost at the back of shelves!

We show you some easy ways how to organize your refrigerator that won’t break the budget and will save you time, effort and money.  

Before you go buying refrigerator containers and wondering how to organize the milk cartons here are some fridge organization ideas to make it all easier. 


Refrigerator Storage


how to organize your fridge


Before you decide on what containers to buy it is great to plan out your fridge. Some ideas you may want to consider are:

  • Where you need to store food to keep it fresh for as long as possible. For example, Eggs should be kept in the cartoons purchased in and are best on the middle shelves while milk and dairy products should be in the coldest part of the fridge, at the bottom back. Condiments and sauces do great in the fridge door sections. For more info on food storage head here
  • How you and your family use the fridge space. Anywhere from where should raw meat be placed in the refrigerator of you cook fresh meals often to having easy to reach places for kids snacks. 
  • Is your fridge in good working condition? If your fridge is not working, not only can it cost you money in electricity but it can also mean food could go off. It is not worth getting sick so check seals and fridge temperature. You can get someone in to service your fridge or maybe it’s time to get a new fridge altogether?

You can check out great prices on refrigerators here.


Fridge Cleaning

After you have some idea about where you need to place food to suit you and your family you can start to get organizing.

The first step is to completely empty the fridge! This not only lets you start with a clean slate but will help stop fridge odors and chances of foodborne illnesses. 

If you know cleaning your fridge is going to be a big job, make sure you have a cooler box with ice to stop food going bad. 

Throw out all expired food and donate food that won’t get eaten. 


Best Way To Clean Fridge

Wipe down all surfaces with your preferred cleaner. We love to use natural cleaning products and find white vinegar for cleaning is fantastic. Make sure you remember to do the door as well.

Remove all shelving, drawers and other parts that can be taken out. Give them all a good wipe down and clean. Allow to dry completely before putting back in the fridge. 

If you tend to get fridge odors quite often, a great smell hack is to put a small container with baking soda at the back of the fridge ( with no lid ).


How To Organize Your Fridge

Before you do anything else you will want to take measurements of your fridge. Think about the width of shelves, height between shelves and depth. 

The secret for how to organize a fridge is all in the best refrigerator storage! Here are some ideas you may like. The best bit is you can order them all online with fridge storage from Amazon. 

We prefer to use clear containers as then you can easily see when you need to restock and what is in them.


Refrigerator Drawers

Although most refrigerators come with bottom shelves it can be handy to add a few more to organize your fridge. 

These fridge drawers are great for storing deli meats. 

This is a genius refridgerator hack! Store all those ziplock bags in one easy to reach spot so you never forget about them and let food go to waste. 


Refrigerator Shelves

This was a game changer for us! Never loose anything at the back of the fridge again with this great fidge organization idea! Perfect for sauces, condiments or anything you need to stand on your fridge shelves.


Refrigerator Organization Containers

The refrigerator storage containers are going to be what really takes your fridge from a mess to organized. 

Whether you choose fridge bins, stackable storage or slide out containers is up to you. Like with any organization system we suggest you choose whatever will be easiest. It is the best way to make sure the organization will work and stay that way!

Check out lots more fridge container ideas online here.

To make sure these food storage ideas work well, try to put all “like” food items together. This makes sure it is easy to loacate anything you need.



A great idea for making sure your fridge stays organized is to label all your containers.

Another brilliant organization idea we saw lately was to have a “Eat Me First” container for all the food that has the quickest expiry date or has already been open. 

Now put all your food back in to your fridge and enjoy how much time and money you save!

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Refrigerator Organization Ideas

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