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Easy Playroom Storage Ideas

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Kids playroom a disaster zone? Get the playroom organized with these easy playroom storage ideas that don’t cost the earth!

Kids seem to just draw clutter and mess. Trying to find toy organizer ideas that actually work can be a nightmare!

We share some super simple toy storage ideas that will playroom and kids room organization.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the mess, and break the habit of constantly nagging your little ones to pick up their toys.

First, let’s start with some tips to help playroom organizing.


Playroom Organization


Before organizing and thinking about toy storage, your first step should be to declutter!

Not only will it instantly help the room start to look (and feel) better but then you will know exactly what sort of toy organizer, toy storage bins and other kids room storage you actually need. 

Set aside some time, preferably when the kids aren’t home to declutter.

We suggest without the kids as you can guarantee that toy they haven’t played with for months will suddenly become their all-time favorite that they just can’t part with when it goes on the donation pile. 

To make decluttering fast and simple have an action plan. 

We have a super easy decluttering system that even comes with a free printable to help you. 


Decluttering Checklist

Once you have a clear idea of what is staying in the playroom you can start the toy room organization.


Playroom Ideas


The next step is to think about how the room is used and answer some simple questions:

  • What are the most played with toys?
  • Where does clutter naturally collect?
  • What is causing the most mess?
  • Where do the children most like to play?

Answering these questions will help you plan where and what organizations to put in place. 


Kids Storage Ideas


The secret to any organization system is creating one that is easy and convenient. Be honest about expectations. 

Children are more likely to throw toys into a container with easy access than pull out toy boxes from cupboards and remove lids. 

Childrens toy storage needs to be really easy and at their level.  

It works even better if they come up with the organization system. You may love having all the toy cars in one toy bin organizer but their idea of organized may be all things blue in one toy storage box. If they come up with the system they are more likely to remember and want to put things away.

Another great tip is to put kids storage in the places where they tend to leave the toys. Use toy storage baskets next to where they play with the toys. 


Kids Playroom Ideas


These playroom organization ideas are all really easy to have in your home. They can be used for kids playroom storage, toy storage for living room or for kids room storage ideas. 


Kids Toy Storage

Before you see all these easy and inexpensive ideas, a note on getting a toy chest. Make sure there is no heavy lid to trap small fingers. Things like a toy shelf or toy storage units are a much safer alternative. 

Kids Toy Box

Keep it simple with a basic large toy box.

Kids Storage Bins

Your childrens toy box can fit your decor with gorgeous boxes like this. Perfect if you are looking for toy storage ideas for living room.

Kids Storage Cubes

These toy containers can be used by themselves or in playroom shelves. They also fold up flat when you are using them for easy storage. 

Toy Holder

Make putting away toys fun with a toy hammock!

Kids Storage Organizer

If space is an issue, a behind the door organizer is perfect for soft toys and other items. 

Toy Storage Organizer With Bins

Make packing up fun with movable kids storage shelves.

Kids Playroom Furniture

Picking the right playroom furniture can play a big part in helping to keep children’s belonging organized. Think about buying furniture that has built-in playroom storage bins.

Playroom Storage Furniture

This is perfect organizing kids dress up costumes. 

Encourage reading ( and putting away books) with this cute playroom organizer. 

In the mood to get your home organized?

We shared some great tips for getting your whole home organized and decluttered with kids here.

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