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How To make Your House Smell Good With Fragrant Indoor Plants

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Want to know how to make your home smell good? Try these beautiful fragrant indoor plants for a brilliant way to make your home smell good naturally!

If you are looking for a way to scent your home naturally without the toxins and chemicals found in some air fresheners and scented candles then indoor plants that smell good are a great alternative. 

Got a black thumb?

Growing indoor plants doesn’t have to be hard work. There are plenty of types of indoor plants that are low maintenance while still being some of the best smelling plants.

We have collected a list of some of the best fragrant indoor plants. It’s as simple as find one you love that suits your home!


Best Place To Buy Indoor Plants

Looking for the best indoor plants? All the house plants in the list below are only a click away on Amazon. No need to go searching for a local nursery to get the most fragrant plants.

Just click on the links below each of the indoor house plants to find the best price and variety to suit you. 


Flowering Indoor Plants

If you are looking for fragrant plants that also give your home a pop of color then these make the best indoor plants flowers.


Indoor Lavender Plant

When we think of lavender it tends to be in beautiful rolling fields of purple but they also make good indoor plants. These houseplants need plenty of sunlight so keeping them somewhere bright like a window sill is ideal. 

Not only do these flowering plants look beautiful but their scent is wonderful for relaxing and calming everyone in the home.

Find The Best Lavender Plant For Your Home


Jasmine Plant Indoor

Another plant that smells amazing is the Jasmine plant. Two species of the plant with fragrance are the Jasminum polyanthum and Jasminum sambac. Jasminum sambac is also known as Arabian Jasmine and can flower nearly all year round, giving your home an amazing sweet scent while being one of the best decorative indoor plants.

This plant is like the lavender and needs lots of sunlight, making near a window the best spot in your home to keep it happy and healthy. Make sure you also water it often. 

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Fragrant Plants

From finding a plant that smells like lemon to plants that smell like chocolate. Find the best fragrant indoor plants below. 


Scented Geraniums

One of the best fragrant houseplants there is sure to be types of geraniums that suit your home. A few scents we love are mint, ginger, chocolate, lime, rose, strawberry and nutmeg. There is even a citronella scent for keeping away mosquitoes!

Keep these plants away from drafts and water at least once a month. They prefer a nice bright spot to stay healthy. 

Choose a scented geranium you love here.



If you are looking for a lemon smelling plant or even line, orange or grapefruit then a citrus plant makes a brillaint natural air freshner. 

These are not easy care indoor plants so make sure are willing to give them at least 8 hours of sunlight a day and a thorough soaking once a week. If you take the time though, the amazing fresh scent is worth it and you may even be lucky enough to get homegrown fruit. 

Find the right citrus plant for you here.


Best Indoor Hanging Plants


Tea Rose Begonia

The Tea Rose Begonia make gorgeous hanging indoor plants. With a pretty and light scent, they also have gorgeous delicate flowers.

Be sure to get the right variety of Begonia as not all are scented plants. 

These plants love high humidity and to be away from drafts. 

Get A gorgeous tea rose begonia for your home today.


Beautiful Indoor Plants



These are often seen in gardens around the world but they make great indoor plants too.  The gardenia can be a very strong scent so we suggest using it in a larger room. 

To get beautiful flowers you will need to water and fertilize your plant regularly in the warmer months. It also likes the temperature to be just right, not liking it too hot or drafts. 


Orchids are common indoor plants but you might not know that they come in a large variety of scents. There are also some amazing differences in appearance from bloom to bloom so be sure to check out which is the best orchid for your home and environment. 

Most orchids prefer bright sunlight and humidity but remember to check specifics for your variety. 

Find an easy-care orchid here.


Exotic Indoor Plants


Passionflowers are very cool house plants. If you are looking for something a little unusual then make sure you try out one the scented varieties. A couple that offers both a stunning 5-inch flower and scent is the Elizabeth and Passiflora alatocaerulea.

Keep these plants away from drafts and in a brightly lit area. 

Find a stunning passionflower you love here.


Indoor Potted Plants


Eucalyptus Plant

Although we think of eucalyptus as a tree, you can keep a eucalyptus plant indoor. With its pretty blueish foilage it is something a little unusual than the more common houseplants.

They make easy indoor plants. Just place them in a bright part of your home away from drafts and hot temperatures. To really release the fresh aroma of these plants, gently rub the leaves. 

Click to find a eucalyptus houseplant online. 


Sweet Bay

If you prefer a less floral fragrance this shrub has a delicious herbal scent. You can also use the leaves to cook with!

It’s an easy to care for houseplant, preferring medium sunlight and high humidity. 

Get this gorgeous scented shrub here.

We hope these fragrant indoor plants have inspired you to make your home smell amazing!

If you love indoor plants then be sure to check out these amazing indoor plants that clean the air in your home. 


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