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How To Organize Your Paperwork Fast and For Good

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Paper Organization is more than filing paperwork and office organization tips. Finding out how to organize paperwork in a way that suits your lifestyle means that not only will you feel more organized, but you will also find you are less stressed, have more time and never get an overdue fee again!

We share amazing ideas for organization, organization products, and simple ways to get your paperwork in a system that suits you.

You are going to feel like a professional organizer, in no time!

So let’s find out how we can turn you into an organizer with some easy ideas and processes. 


Office Organization


organize paperworj


Whether it’s at work or for home office organization. These office organization ideas will stop you searching for important files, fighting for space on your desk and save you time as well as money!

We have brilliant organization ideas from the best office paper organizer to keeping your computer files organized. 


Desk Organizer


Organization hacks


Is your desk covered in paperwork and declutter? 

Although there are quotes about how Einstein always had a messy desk, an untidy desk can actually be bad for you. There are studies that a messy desk can affect productivity, stress levels, not to mention that it is unhygienic

The best way to keep your desk organized is to have a place for everything. Take a quick inventory of your desk right now. What do you have on there that you use daily and what is on there that you don’t use often?


Daily Items

There is no point pretending you will keep these items in a spot and then put them away every day. Instead, find a way to have them within easy reach but where you can also put them neatly away too.

Ideas for Desk Organization are:


Stationery Organizer

Keep your statinery within easy reach but still neat with inexpenzive organizing products like these. 


Filing Trays

Think about the files you have on your paper and how you could organize these to save you time and effort. Maybe a simple ‘In’ “Out’ tray system will work for you. Maybe you need one that seperates files into different areas of your work?.

Use labels or color code files so you know where to find what you need instantly. 

An important file to have is one where you place files that need storing. You also need to set aside a small amount of time each week or month to place these files away in the appropriatefiling cabinet or storage area. 


Electronic and Cable Organization

Keep all your electronics and cables net with a few simple organization hacks.


Other Items

Now take a look at what is on your desk that you don’t use often.

Why is it there? Do you have to walk somewhere to file it, is it for someone else but you haven’t taken it to them yet?

Think about systems you can put in place to get rid of this clutter. Remember to make it easy, or they will fail.

Do you need a tray for documents you need to file once a week? Do you need a basket for items you need to hand out to colleagues daily? 


desk organization


File Organizer

There is a file organization system, perfect for you. One of the greatest organizing tips is to think about your habits and personality and create a file organization that suits you. 

It may take a little time to organize files but it will be worth it in the long run. Make sure you label or color code whichever system you choose. 

Here are some file cabinet organization ideas

  • File numerically
  • File alphabetically
  • File by project

The most important thing for any file organization ideas is to make sure files actually get into the filing cabinet. Having a paper organizer folder or trays is the best way to make this happen and avoid paper clutter. You may have a small paper tray ( make it small so it needs emptying often) on your desk or near the filing cabinet.

Put the time in your to-do list or calendar to action filing. And do not put it off! If you keep on top of this it will be a breeze. 



Home Organization


File Organization ideas


Find easy ways on how to organize papers, home filing system ideas and simple steps you can take to learn how to organize all the paperwork that comes into your home. 


Mail Organization Ideas


One of the best ways to start getting all your home papers organized is starting with the mail. Have one regular spot in the home where all incoming paperwork, mail, and bills are sorted. One great suggestion is a Home command center. We have some amazing command center ideas here. 

As soon as paperwork comes into your home sort it out. There will be a few main sorting piles.

  • Junk Mail. Read what you want then recycle this straightaway. 
  • Any subscription magazines or newspapers get put in a rack or place they will be read.
  • Open Bills. Put bill due dates in a calendar straight away so you will remember to pay them. Then place them in your to-do file storage until they are paid and can be filed away. 
  • Place any mail for other household members in special alotted areas that they know to check. 

Cheap and easy ideas for organizing mail. 


Bill Organizer


Never forget to pay a bill again with some simple bill organizer ideas.

As we have already mentioned, as soon as you receive bills, make sure you have added the payment due date to your calendar. 

If you have regular bills coming into your home then it is a great idea to get a monthly bill organizer. Just a simple way for you to remember when payments are due and so you can budget for them. You can get a special folder or book like the one below. 

Or you may prefer to make up your own system withmanilla folders for each company. Make sure you write all the details you need to know on the front of the folder and store them neatly in a filing system like the one here.

The best way to get rid of clutter is to have a designated spot for unpaid bills then a storage organizer to place bills when they are paid. 

Organization Tip: Always write “PAID” on a bill once it is paid and what date you paid it. 


Paper Organizer



Organizing paperwork at home will not only help keep paper clutter at bay but it will stop you from misplacing important documents, make tax time a whole lot easier and keep your home clutter-free. 

To make paperwork organization work, have a think about what paperwork comes into your home, how you use it and when it’s needed. 

You may have children that bring home lots of important school notes. But once they are actioned you don’t need them. Or you may have important documents for a home business that you need to file and keep for tax purposes. 

Most people need a document organizer that has a to-do, or action area, then a storage file for when it is done. The secret to any home organization is to make it easy. If you have a difficult paperwork organizer,it will eventually fail.

Be honest with yourself too. Are you really going to head to your filing cabinet after paying every bill and sort it? Or are you more likely to sort all your paperwork out maybe once a month? If the latter is true, have a “to file later” area for all your paperwork. 

Some different files you may need for your paperwork.

  • Tax Documents
  • Bills
  • School Notes
  • Medical Documents
  • Insurance Paperwork
  • Investments 
  • Paychecks


Paper Organization Ideas


Have two main paperwork areas. One is where the paperwork is kept while you need to action anything with it and one is for storage if you need to hold onto it for tax or any other reason.

The actionable paperwork should be kept in a central area of the home where you can easily place it and see it daily. Again we love the idea of a command center for this but on a ledge or shelf works just as well. You may want individual files for every house member or for different parts of your life. 

Sort it in a way that makes sense to you and makes things easier.

When you no longer need the paperwork then make sure it is filed for safe keeping.

You may decide to file this weekly or monthly but make sure you set aside time to get it done so that it doesn’t end up a big cluttered pile.

Keep this file somewhere safe which doesn’t need to be in immediate reach. 

Receipt Organizer

More and more often we need to keep hold of receipts. Whether its for tax reasons or warentees. Here are some great ideas for reciot organization.

Have a single place where all receipts are placed when they come into the home. Just something simple like a basket will work.

Make sure you take the time at least once a week or month to go through and store these reciepts. We love these simple wallets for this. 

Reciepts you may want to keep are:

  • Tax recipts
  • Anything that has a warentee
  • Clothing incase you need to change sizes etc
  • Food Bills and enteratainement bills for budgets
  • Gifts you have purchased

We hope you have found all these amazing paperwork organization ideas helpful. We have so many more posts on how to organize your life and declutter your home. 

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