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Organization Tips: How To Start Organizing Your Home

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Deciding to organize your home can be very daunting. In fact, many people even put off the decision to do it at all when they look at their cupboard spilling out and start thinking about how much work and time it will involve.

The good news is that organizing your home can be a lot simpler than you think and I am here to help you get over the first major setback to organizing your home: Starting!

So keep reading to find out some great organization hacks and tips for how to start organizing your home.


Organization Myths



First, let’s debunk some organization ideas you may have.


You Are Either A Natural Organizer, Or You Will Never Be Organized.

It is true that some people are naturally inclined to be more organized but it is very untrue that this can’t be a learned skill.

All it takes is some changes to your habits to become more organized and the truth is that once your home becomes more organized you will probably start to hate clutter.


It’s Expensive To Get Organized

Although there are plenty of amazing and expensive storage solutions out there, some of my absolute favorite storage hacks are easily purchased on Amazon!

There are plenty of ways to use cheap storage ideas in a practical and creative way.

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It Takes A Lot Of Energy And Motivation To Get Your Home Organized.

This is my absolute favorite organization myth to debunk as it is totally untrue. How to become more organized is all about making a few small tweaks about your habits, thinking, and routines.

And it is always important to remember that you don’t need to organize your home all at once!

Don’t think you have to organize your home in a weekend or a month. Once you get started you will find that it is a natural progression and you will start to become more and more organized without thinking about it too much.

So how to start to become more organized? Here are some easy organization tips you can start to implement straight away.


Organization Tips


Organization Tips


Here are a few simple changes you can start to make in your home to get more organized.


Declutter Before You Start To Organize

An organized mess is still a mess, right?

In fact, trying to get organized while you still have a house full of clutter is a sure way to fail. Finding space for things that you don’t really need or want is only going to leave you feeling frazzled and frustrated.

The very first thing you should do before even thinking or organizing a space in your home is to declutter.

There are so many ways to declutter your home. One of the easiest ways is to quickly look over items and decide if it is for keeping, donating or the trash while asking if it is an item you love or need.

We have a whole post on how to declutter your home, go check it out. 

Extra Tip: Once you have decluttered start thinking about each item you bring into your home. Is it something you love or need? If not, don’t let it come through the front door.


Think About How You Use Your Home



We all use the space in our home differently. Which means that not all ways you read to organize your home are going to work for you.

Take the time to sit and think about how each space is used in your home.

Where do you leave keys or other daily items that become clutter? Is each area used in the best way? Could the way you use a room or an area be improved for a better way of life? Where does the clutter in your home tend to be?

A simple idea is to have designated areas for living.

For example a simple storage area for where everyone throws their keys and small change or puts jackets and shoes. This could be a beautiful bowl for change and easy storage baskets for shoes in a space that is close to the entrance of your home.


Make Organization Simple


Easy Organization hacks


A great secret to being organized is to keep everything simple.

If it takes more than a few seconds to put something away then it is much more likely it will be left out than put in its correct space.

Your children are more likely to put laundry in the basket if they can just throw it in with no lid to remove and it’s in a place they naturally walk past.than. Shoes are more likely to be taken off and slipped into an open basket near the entrance than put on a rack in a closet.

Sometimes the simplest organization may not be the prettiest but it will be the most effective.


Remove Places That Are Always Covered In Clutter


How to declutter


Is there a ledge everyone tends to dump stuff? Or a tabletop that always seems cluttered with things?

Remove the possibility of using that space for clutter.

You could wither provide storage for the clutter like bowls or baskets.

Or if it is a space that you want to keep uncluttered create a barricade to using it for clutter. You could instead place something you love there, like a travel souvenir or an ornament given to you by a loved one.


Create Storage Solutions For Everything


How To organize your home


From large closets to the smallest draws. Use each space wisely by having storage solutions in place.

Use space in creative ways with back of door storage, under beds and drawer dividers.

If you live with other people it may be worth labeling storage too, so everyone knows what goes where. All this will make for easy organizing systems that really work.  


Be Smart About Your Organizing

Keep those things you use every day in easy to reach places. This way they are much more likely to be put away.

Items that you don’t use as often but still need should be stored in other areas, such as shelves that are not at eye level, at the back of cupboards etc.

Things that you hardly use, such as Christmas decorations can be put in places like basements.


Make Small And Management Action Steps


Home hacks for organizing

As with any goal setting, the best way to achieve it is to break it down into manageable action steps with a time to complete them!

Maybe your goal is to organize your living space next month. Set a date to declutter, a date to plan storage solutions and then dates to organize each area within the space.

This can work well with projects too. We all have half-finished DIY projects laying around cluttering spaces. Set a date to get them completed and out of the way.

Break all those big spaces that can feel overwhelming into small parts you can do easily. Just getting one drawer in the kitchen decluttered and organized is a step closer to having an organized home.

I hope you can now see just how simple it can be to start organizing your home. Once you have started to follow these simple organization tips you can then move on to developing a clear organization plan for each room and space.

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