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Magic Eraser Uses That Will Change Your Life

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Magic Eraser Uses

If you have used a magic rub eraser before you know that they are the best…well, magic cleaner! But we are betting you didn’t know all these amazing magic eraser uses. Try them out…they will honestly change the way you clean forever. 

We all know we can use a magic eraser on walls, but did you know there are other ways you can use a melamine sponge for cleaning?

We share some of our favorite ways to use a magic eraser to clean. They will make cleaning your home faster and easier!

Before we show you all the magic eraser uses, here is some handy info about where to get magic erasers, what’s in a magic eraser and more. 


Where To Buy Magic Eraser

Luckily you can grab magic erasers at nearly all stores where they sell cleaning products. We prefer to get ours delivered right to our doorstep by ordering online.

Magic Eraser Amazon

There are a few brands to pick from. We love Mr Clean magic eraser

You can also get extra durable magic erasers which last longer and are great for tougher cleaning jobs. 

Of course you can always make your own diy magic eraser too. 



What is a magic eraser?

So, what is magic eraser and what are magic erasers made of?

A magic eraser is simply melamine foam.

The melamine acts as a really fine abrasive cleaner which helps really clean those difficult marks and dirt. The foam then makes sure all that dirt is trapped back into the cleaner. Magic, right?

Is a magic eraser toxic? According to studies, magic eraser ingredients are non-toxic but always treat them like you would most cleaning products ( more on what not to use magic erasers on below!)


How Does Magic Eraser Work?

All you need to do to use a magic eraser is dampen the sponge with water. You may also need to wipe off the residue with a clean damp cloth. It’s that easy!

We strongly suggest you do a small spot test before you use a magic eraser on any surface, just in case. 


Magic Eraser Uses

Here are some ideas on how to use magic eraser around your home. 

Magic Eraser Shoes

Use a magic eraser on shoes to clean the white soles or even white shoes. 

Magic Eraser On Computers

Use a magic eraser sponge to clean your computer keyboard! Genius!. 

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Uses For Outdoors

Use a magic ersaser to clean glass, outdoor furniture,  aluminum and vinyl finishes. 

Mr Clean Eraser On Baseboards

Finally, get rid of all those hard to clean scuffs on the baseboards in your home. 

Magic Eraser On Windowsills

Give your windowsills the once over with this sponge and reach all those hard corners. 

Magic Erasers On Appliances

Use a magic eraser to clean the outside of appliances like the microwave.


Magic Eraser On Grills

Make your grill sparkle again with some deep cleaning with a magic eraser. 

Magic Eraser On Stove Top

If your stove top is not stainless steel ( more about that below) then use a magic eraser to remove grease and stains. Easy!

Magic Eraser On Silverware

Clean silverware with a magic eraser for gorgeous shine and tarnish free finish. Magic erasers are great for silver jewelry too. 

Magic Eraser on Oven

Use a magic eraser to clean the glass on the over door.. be sure to make sure the oven is turned off and cool first. 

Magic Eraser On Counters

Great for removing coffees stains and other marks. Just make sure you read what surfaces not to use magic erasers on below. 

Magic Eraser On Glass

Use a magic eraser bathroom for cleaning glass. Brillaint for cleaning hard to get off soap scum. 


Mr Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

Magic eraser bathtub magic..make your bathtub and sinks shine.


Magic Eraser On Faucets

Make faucets shine with a magic eraser. It’s also great for getting off those hard to clean marks like toothpaste!

Magic Eraser On Grout and Tiles

Make grout white again with a quick scrub. Also great for cleaning tiles in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom. 


Magic Eraser On Flat Iron

Got product build-up on your styling appliances. Use a magic eraser to make it like new again. 

Magic Eraser On Eraser Boards

This is a brilliant tip for teachers. Make an eraser board like new with a quick clean. Magic erasers will even remove permanent marker from eraser boards. 

Magic Erasers On Linoleum

Get scuff marks off linoleum easily with a magic eraser. 

Magic Eraser For Rust Residue

If you have a can in the pantry that leaves rust stains just clean off with a magic eraser!

Magic Eraser On Cars

There are a few ways to use magic erasers on your car. You can use magic eraser on windshield for a great clean, a magic eraser car interior cleaner ( like steering wheel, dashboard and more)

Magic Erasers On Stickers

We hate that horrible mess left by peeling stickers off new items. Just use a magic eraser to get all the sticker residue off!


What Not To Use Magic Eraser On

Okay, so you remember us saying that these guys are pretty much super fine sandpaper, right? This means there a few things you should never clean with a magic eraser.

Magic Eraser On Skin

Using a magic eraser on skin can cause abrasions and irritations. 

Magic Eraser On Teeth

We are not sure who came up with this idea… but it’s not smart. Not only will it damage your teeth but even though magic erasers are non-toxic, you don’t want to be putting them in your mouth. 

Magic Eraser On Car

Although we showed you lots of ways to use a magic eraser on car interiors it’s probably best not to use a magic eraser on car scratches or for cleaning your car! It’s a sure way to scratch the polished surface. 

Magic Eraser Stainless Steel

Just like polished car surfaces, magic erasers can damage stainless tell finishes too. 

Magic Erasers On Counter Tops

Avoid using magic erasers on counters that are made of marble or granite as they can scratch the surface and damage them. 

Magic Erasers On Nonstick Pots

If you try to clean a nonstick pot or pan with a magic eraser you will more than likely remove the special surface. This can actually make the pans toxic!

Magic Erasers On Wood

Magic erasers can scratch the finish of wood floors and other wood items. 


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 Did we miss any ways you clean with a magic eraser 

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