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11 IKEA Organization Hacks for Your Home

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IKEA hacks for organization

Ready for organizing with IKEA? In this post I share the best IKEA solutions and hacks for an organized home. Check out my favorite IKEA organization hacks below.

If you’ve ever purchased anything from IKEA, you know just how versatile their products can be.

Some of their furniture can serve dozens of different purposes! Once you figure out how to assemble your new IKEA piece, you can use it for just about anything.

These easy organization hacks will make it easier to keep track of belongings and put away supplies without taking away from your home’s aesthetic.

Since most IKEA products come pre-assembled, all of these organization tools are DIY projects. Set aside a weekend to go to your nearest IKEA and give your home an organizational makeover!

So read on to find these amazing hacks to help you get your home organized.


IKEA hacks for home organization design project 


  • Functional Storage Ladder

This project is a great way to make use of small spaces in your bedroom that can’t fit traditional furniture.

To make a ladder that can store clothing and accessories, start out with an IVAR side unit. Then, secure it to your wall with BJÄRNUM folding hooks.

If you just want to store clothing, that’s all you’ll need. If you’d like to hang a hat, buy an S hook. Although the IVAR side unit can be painted, it still looks great when left alone!

This project is incredibly easy. It’s also less expensive than it looks – the side unit will cost less than $18!


  • Wrapping paper IKEA closet storage

You’re probably used to your home being a bit of a mess during the holiday season. Wrapping paper is long, and there aren’t many places to store it.

Instead of trying to fit your wrapping paper in your closet spaces that are too small, grab a VARIERA plastic bag dispenser.

Mount it to your wall or closet door before putting your wrapping paper inside. Make sure you hang your VARIERA low enough to keep the wrapping paper from hitting the ceiling!


  • IKEA kitchen organization hacks

Use some plastic storage bins to keep your fridge in order! Even though refrigerators have shelves and compartments, things can still get disorganized in there.

Although you can use any plastic bins for this hack, the 4-gallon PLUGGIS bins are a great choice. Since they’re made with PET plastic, they’re easy to clean!

If the PLUGGIS bins don’t fit in your budget, fear not! IKEA has cheaper alternatives available, like the IKEA 365+ food storage container for just 99 cents.


  • Charging Station IKEA organization hacks

Let’s face it: charging cell phones are not an attractive table centerpiece.

Take those germ-filled devices away from the tables you eat off of by making a charging station!

For this project, you’ll use a FINTORP rail to hang a bucket and a basket from IKEA (the creator got her basket Amazon. – so if you have another one at home you can just use it!). If you’re feeling creative, you can even attach some pretty plants!


  • Changing Table IKEA storage organizer

Turn a basic IKEA bookshelf into a modern, functional changing table!

Use a KALLAX storage unit as both a changing table and a storage unit for your newborn’s clothes, diapers, and other necessities. KALLAX units come in many different styles, so find one that suits your needs and nursery layout!

If you’d like to give the changing table an personal touch, consider the wood-wrapping technique used by the blogger who repurposed the KALLAX shelving unit.


  • IKEA bedroom hack

Headboards are a nice finishing touch for any bed set, but they’re often expensive. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one, make one out of an IKEA bench cushion. Cover a HEMMAHOS bench pad with a fabric that coordinates with your bedroom décor.

Sturdier fabrics (like denim) will work well for this project. Hang it up with hooks, and you’ve just given your bed set a modern makeover!

When choosing a bench pad for your headboard, keep the size of your bed in mind. You may have to cut the cushion, but it’s better to have a cushion that’s too large than one that doesn’t do its job.


  • Decorative storage space

This lamp will look adorable in your child’s room! Turn a REGOLIT paper lantern into a hot air balloon using stick-on furniture pads, a bucket, beads, and TITTA DJUR finger puppets.

There are 10 puppets in each pack, so you can use the leftover animals for other projects!

If you want to add more color to your lamp, replace the furniture pads with circular stickers from a craft store.


  • IKEA small storage ideas

Fake plants are trending in the world of home décor. Add some green to your living room with succulent shelves made out of baskets!

The FRYKEN basket set is perfect for this project since you’ll have different sizes to work with. With minimal effort, you can invite “nature” into your home!

If you don’t already have fake succulents, have no fear: IKEA’s got you covered with plenty of options. To challenge yourself, find some real house plants!


  • IKEA kitchen storage hacks

Kitchen islands are convenient and elegant. Make one on a budget by transforming a KALLAX shelving unit into a functional kitchen addition!

You’ll find everything you need to build your island at IKEA, including anything you’d store in it.

Impress yourself and your guests with this DIY project that holds everything you need!


  • Wall Art with Storage

Turn an IKEA storage unit into functional wall art!

All you need is an IVAR cabinet and some paint. The cabinet’s surface is untreated, making it easy to paint on.

If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, throw some wallpaper onto the cabinet instead.


  • Entryway Command Center

Repurpose a LUROY slatted bed base to make a command center for your entryway!

Make room for notepads, whiteboards, hooks, and anything else you’d need to keep organized.

If you don’t need a command center for your entryway, use the LUROY to make a bathroom supply organizer, accessory holder, or kitchen supply rack!


Walking into an IKEA store is like walking into a DIY wonderland. There are so many pieces to choose from, each with their own hidden capabilities.

If you don’t live near an IKEA store, you can order their products online. Regardless of how you shop, be prepared to do some installation and modifying to suit your needs!


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