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How To Organize Your Home With Kids

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Organizing with kids at home can be hard work and keeping your home decluttered with kids even harder! Find some easy organizing tips to help your family home, stay neat and tidy without spending your whole day picking up and cleaning. 


Family-friendly ways to organize your home are a great way to save time, money and your sanity. 

As a parent, staying on top of the clutter and mess in the home can seem like a never-ending and thankless job.

The good news is that with a few small tweaks you can create a home that is more usable, easy to declutter and always organized!


Decluttering With Kids


Organizing with kids


Organizing a mess is pointless. So the first step to organizing your home is to declutter.

Kids come with a lot of stuff. It doesn’t matter if they are babies or teenagers, they seem masters at collecting things. It can also be hard to get kids to part with these treasures.


How To Declutter With Kids


Getting your children involved in helping to declutter is a great learning activity. Although it can seem easier to do it when they’re not home, getting them to choose what things they cherish and what can be donated or trashed is a fantastic skill that will aid them all through life. 

We have made a free decluttering printable that you can go through easily with your kids.

Make sure you set aside some time when there are no distractions or activities to interrupt. Another tip we love is to have a reward ready for after all the hard decluttering work. From Ice-cream to a movie, it’s a great way to keep everyone motivated. 

Another easy way to stay on top of decluttering with younger kids is to watch what they play with. If you notice they don’t play with a toy for a few months, maybe take it away. Then if they don’t ask for it after another little while, donate or sell. 


How To Get Organized With Kids


Once you have reduced the clutter it’s time to get organized. The biggest secret to organizing with kids is having a home for everything. 

It can be a big job to put organizing systems in place but it will be worth the effort. As the kids grow, you will have to tweak your home organization but this won’t take too much time and effort. 


Home Storage Ideas

Organize with kids


Some easy ways to store and organize kids belongings are:


Underbed storage

Kids tend to throw everything under the bed at any age, why not make an easy space for them to keep things there? These easy under bed storage baskets also have wheels making it easy to pull them out.


Closet Organization

Use shelving, hangers, baskets and have a closet which has lots of space and a place for everything. 


Over Door Storage

If space is tight then make more with simple ideas like this behind the door storage.


Toy Storage

Toys are often the things that cause us the most stress with keeping our home decluttered and organized. Get a special sorage space, then let your child decide how best to store their toys. If they create a system they are more likely to stick to it and remember to put toys away. 

You might want all the cars together but they might decide to sort their toys by color instead. Whatever works is okay!

Creating labels is also a fantastic way to make sure things stay organized and put in the right place. 


Storage Throughout the Home

Take a week or so to notice where clutter tends to collect. Then fix the problem. 

If kids kick their shoes off at the door, we know it will be nearly impossible to get them to put them in a cupboard so why not put a shoe basket or rack their so they at least will be put there in an organized way. 

If they throw their school bags on the floor near the door, place wall hooks there instead. 

Put abasket for each kid near the bottom of the stairs and place items inside as you find them. Then make them tidy and put these away weekly. 

Try to make your space as usable and kid friendly as possible. This way you will find that things stay organized easier. 


Make A Command Center


How To Make A Command Center

One of the best things we ever did in our home was to create a command center. It keeps the whole family organized and has saved us so much time, effort and money!

Not sure what a command center is? Get inspiration for command centers here. 


Declutter Often


declutter with kids


Unfortunately, with kids around you are going to have to get into the habit of decluttering more often. 

To make it easier do a room at a time or even just a spot in your home every week. It will help your home feel and look amazing. 

We hope you have found these organizing tips helpful. Do you have an amazing organization hack for life with kids? We would love to hear about it. 

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