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How to make your house smell like fall

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How to add natural fall scents to your home

Autumn is an exciting season for so many reasons. Leaves on trees turn crisp and turn from green to vibrant, warm hues.

Fall festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving invite gatherings, food, and fun. The season is also associated with delightful smells that fill kitchens and retail stores.

Who can resist the smell of pumpkin spice in your local coffee shop?

An easy way to bring autumn into your home is by filling your rooms with fall scents. Nice-smelling items are often inexpensive, and they can even be decorative.

With these autumn home hacks, you can make your rooms more festive with minimal effort!

So read to learn how to make your house smell good with natural fall smells.


What smells like fall?

what smells like fall

These are some of the best Fall scents for the home:

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Pumpkin
  • Clove
  • Apple Cider
  • Indian Chai
  • Orange
  • Hot chocolate
  • Smoke
  • Wood


How to make your house smell like fall

Check the hacks below for using fall spices and herbs to make your home smell like Autumn.


  • Burn Fall Scents Slow Burning Candles

Slow burning candles last longer, giving you more time to enjoy the scents that’ll fill your room.

Larger, 3-wick candles tend to burn slower than votives. If you have a larger budget, try a Bath & Body Works candle. They have some of the best smelling candles for fall.

Their 3-wick candles last up to 45 hours, and they come in seasonal scents like Leaves and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. If you’re not looking to spend $25 on a single candle, Walmart has a wide selection of 3-wick candles that smell just as nice.


  • Make simmer pot recipes for fall

Wondering what to cook to make the house smell good for Fall? Boiling cinnamon sticks for fragrance is an easy way to add moisture to the dry autumn air while bringing delightful scents into your kitchen.

Dump water into a crock pot or stove top pot, then boil orange peels and cinnamon sticks, apple slices and cloves.

Use this trick to add a scent to your home while you have guests over.


  • Spray your room with Autumn scents

For a more potent scent that doesn’t linger for as long as a candle, spray your bathroom with a fall-themed room spray.

Grab a bottle of scented Febreeze in Fresh-Harvest Pumpkin or Fresh-Pressed Apples. Hold the spray far away from walls or other surfaces that don’t handle liquids well – you don’t want to put water stains on your wallpaper!


Best Fall scents for home


  • Make Natural Garlands

Create a decorative garland out of dried orange peels, bay leaves, and cinnamon sticks.

These scents mix well together, and the garland will add a nice touch to whichever room you hang it in. Drape it over a mantle, or place it on top of a dining room china cabinet.


  • Use Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers make small spaces smell more pleasant for weeks. Purchase a reed diffuser kit that includes a vase, reeds, and some fragrance.

Allow the reeds to diffuse for 24-36 hours. Then, enjoy the scent until it’s time to refill the vase. Scents like Amber Vanilla are comforting and cozy for fall.


  • Decorate with Cinnamon Pinecones

Cinnamon-scented pinecones invite spicy fall aromas into your home while also adding some comfy décor to a room.

Place some in a living room centerpiece to bring a gentle hint of spice into your cold weather gathering place.

Alternatively, create a garland out of several pinecones strung together and place it elsewhere. You can either buy pre-scented pinecones or make your own using fall scented essential oils.


  • Bake Something Festive

If you need to bake for a gathering or event, bake something that brings about the fall scents you love.

Nothing fills a kitchen with enticing smells quicker than freshly baked goods! Coffee cakes, apple pies, and pumpkin goods are always welcome potluck contributions.  


Autumn natural scents for the home

Autumn natural scents
How to make your home smell like Fall


  • Use Scented Cleaning Products

Instead of your lemon-scented cleaning products, opt for more seasonal scents this fall. Look for dish soaps that smell like apples or pine to make chores more relaxing.

Lysol makes toilet cleaners in “country” scents, and Mrs. Meyer’s sells multi-purpose cleaners that smell like orange cloves.

While fall-scented cleaning products may be harder to find than the typical citrusy products, they’re worth hunting for!


  • Make a Pumpkin Fall Potpourri

Make a potpourri that will make your kitchen smell like a freshly baked pie for up to six hours.

Cut the top off of a pumpkin and scrape out the innards. Then, use an apple corer to create vents in the pumpkin.

Rub spices on the lid, light the pumpkin with a candle, and you’re good to go!


  • Use Scented Hand Soaps

Place a scented hand soap in each bathroom, or purchase a large refill bottle for a refillable pump.

You’ll have plenty of options regardless of where you shop. Walmart carries hand soaps in orange clove, apple cider, and pumpkin spice scents.

Bath & Body Works makes soaps that smell like frankincense, cinnamon pine cones, marshmallow pumpkin latte, and much more.

Remember to get an antibacterial soap – after all, a soap’s main job is to clean! If you’d rather make your own soap, here’s a tutorial for a pumpkin spice bar soap.


How to make your house smell like fall

natural fall scents


  • Get Scented Shower Products

Body washes, shampoos, and face washes come in autumn scents that will rejuvenate you while you shower.

Philosophy body washes smell exactly how they’re advertised, and come in scents like pumpkin icing, apple cider donuts, and vanilla bean. In the hair care aisle, you can find apple-scented dandruff shampoo for your dry scalp.

As always, Bath & Body Works shower gels come in fun seasonal scents. Your warm shower just became even more relaxing!


  • Buy Fall Scented Bath Bombs

Make your bathroom smell like fall with a scented bath bomb. LUSH Cosmetics sells seasonal, all-natural bath bombs that look and smell like your favorite parts of autumn.

Their citrus and cinnamon bath bomb is shaped like a jack-o-lantern, and their Turmeric Latte creation will turn your bath water a beautiful amber hue.

All of the glitter used in LUSH’s products is biodegradable! If LUSH’s products are out of your budget, Target and Walmart sell less expensive bath bombs.


  • DIY a Scented Bookmark

Here’s another fall DIY project for your home! Make a leather bookmark with essential oils to invite autumn scents into your reading space.

Don’t forget to bring your hot cocoa to your reading area!

Autumn scents are one of the many things people look forward to as the weather gets colder.

With so many familiar smells to choose from, it’s easy to make any room in your home smell like fall.

Embrace spicy, fruity scents this season using store-bought and handmade items!


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