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How To Get Your Life Organized in 10 Mins – Top Tips From A Professional Organizer

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Get Your Life Organized Today! Putting off getting organized because it seems like such a huge task? Keep reading to find out how to organize your life in just 10 minutes a day! 


Life is busier than ever for all of us. We all have so much to do and remember that it can be easy for it all to get on top of us. 

Multi-tasking has become the norm. But, did you know that trying to do it all at once actually makes you less productive? 

Instead, there is a much better way to be more productive, and that’s by getting organized.

Getting organized doesn’t mean spending hours sorting out your life, or creating the perfect spreadsheet or diary system. 

We are going to share with you a simple organization system that only takes 10 minutes a day. It’s shared by a Professional Organizer so we know it’s going to really work for you!


How To Organize Every Area Of Your Life


amazing decluttering and minimalist quotes to help you have a simpler life


So, how to get organized like a pro? 

The first key to getting organized is to find your why. Finding the reason why you want to get organized will keep you motivated to actually do it, and stay organized. 


Why You Need To Get Organized


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So, why do YOU want to be organized? This is a really personal question so make sure you take the time to sit and think. Your reason needs to be very clear and precise..not anything like ” because life will be better”.

Here are some ideas to get those brains working.

When you get organized you can do more, become more, achieve more and even enjoy more out of life. Are there particular things you want to be, do or achieve? 

Do you feel totally overwhelmed all the time, or get frustrated with you ever growing to do list. Or do you just feel dissatisfied? Write down all those feelings and moments, so you know how you don’t want to feel again. 

Need some motivation? Find the best organization quotes here. 


Life Organization – The Big Secret Of Successful People


There are always people that seem to be able to do so much. How do they fit all those things into the same 24 hours you have?

One simple life hack. They’re organized!

So, what does it really mean to organize life? Is it all about getting your pantry in neat, labeled containers? Thankfully, not. 

In fact, all you need to do to stay organized and stop wasting time and effort is taking 10 minutes to do a Get-on-track review.


The Best Way To Get Organized 

This 10-minute organization exercise can be done at any time of day but is especially useful for those moments you really feel overwhelmed, stuck or simply stressed out. 

All you need is a pen and paper

While technology is a great way to remind of us of appointments, putting pen to paper is superior for productivity. The simple act of writing, helps you organize your thoughts and also helps the creative process. This is great for problem-solving!


10-Minute Focus Session For Organization


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Go through these easy questions to help you get focused on what is important in your life right now and where you should ut your energy for increased productivity and wellness. 


Organize Emotions

How do you feel right now? Include physical and emotional feelings. Have you got aches and pains, are you tired, rundown?

Being self-aware is the best way to start getting organized. Understanding your moods, your triggers and your health will help you work out the best way for you to move forward. 


Organize Yesterday

Taking a look at what went well, and what didn’t run so smoothly the day before is a great tool for learning. Taking stock of successful and not so successful experiences means you can replicate or avoid them in the future. It can also be a confidence boost to see how much you achieved the day before. 


Organize Today

Make a list of everything that HAS to be done today. Appointments, places you need to be and things that must be done. Work out the general layout of your day ahead. 


Organize Community

Picturing the bigger picture is a fantastic way to stay grounded, feel more connected and help others. How do you want to help your community? What is your place and purpose with your personal and business contributions? 


Organize Ideal

Write down how you would spend your time, what you would achieve and what would happen if you had your ideal organized day. This is helpful to read through and give you a goal. Make sure it is realistic BUT also know that it is just a goal, and be okay with the fact that it may not be your reality..yet. 


Organize Projects

Go through what your responsibilities and projects are. What are the tasks that you need to do to achieve your goals, what are the everyday activities you have? Include things you like to spend time on too like hobbies and socializing. 


Organize Now

Through answering the questions above, you probably already have a pretty clear idea on what your next action step is!

You may have appointments to put in your diary, you may need to time block sessions to get a project done. You may also realize that a lot of your original to-do list is actually not a priority and your time will be better spent doing other things.

This organization exercise really works as it is not about following a one-fits-all formula. Instead, it’s about working out what is important to you and your life, then making those things a priority. 

When you first do this organization hack it may take longer than 10-minutes. As you practice this though you will become quicker and more efficient. 

Make sure you take time out to do this simple self-awareness exercise as often as you need and watch your life become more and more organized. 


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Need help to get organized? Follow this simple 10 minute organization hack used by professional organizers. #organizedlife #organizedlifedailyroutines #organizedlifefeelingoverwhelmed #organizedlifestyle #organization #getorganized

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