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How To Declutter Your Home Fast

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Taking a good hard look at the clutter in your home can be overwhelming, and is usually the very first hurdle you have to jump across before you can actually work out how to declutter and organize your home.

But what if you knew there was an easy way to get clear of clutter and organize your home?

We have a simple decluttering hack that makes decluttering EASY and FAST. And all in five simple steps.


Why Declutter?


Why Declutter


Decluttering is the very first step you should take when you Start To Organize Your Home. After all, there is not much point in organizing a mess, right?

There are also other reasons why you should declutter.


  • Less Clutter means Less Stress. You may be constantly worried about the mess in your home without even realizing it. Not to mention the stress when you are trying to find an item!


  • A Cluttered Home Makes You Tired. Having constant clutter around you makes it hard to focus and organize your thoughts. You may also be using up more energy than you think on worrying about your home’s clutter.


  • You, Will, Have More Space. Not only physically but mentally too! When you stop having to worry about tripping over a mess or moving things around to create space you will be surprised by how much lighter you feel mentally as well as having more room to breathe in your home.


  • Cleaning is Easier. How to make cleaning your home easier? Have less to tidy up! You also have more space to clean which makes the chore much easier.


  • Your Home Is Healthier. If you have a lot of clutter, chances are you clean less. Or if you have cluttering habits like not washing up straight away, your home is breeding germs! And don’t forget the actual physical danger of a lot of clutter like tripping on clothes thrown on the floor.


  • You Can Save Money…And Even Make It By Decluttering. When you get into the habit of having less in your home you will stop buying unnecessary items. You will also be more organized which means you stop buying replacements for items you have but can’t find…and in the process of decluttering you can sell all those unwanted items for cash! KA-CHING!


  • You Learn Self Awareness. Learning to decide what is important to you is a fantastic life skill. You might start by learning with items and nicnacs but this skill will flow into all other areas of your life too.


  • You Might Stop Being Late. All those minutes trying to find keys, shoes and your phone all really add up. Watch your time management skills improve as you declutter.


  • You Might Make Different Decisions. How does clutter affect your decisions? Well, take for example moving house. Maybe the thought of having to move everything is enough to keep you from making the change. It could even be stopping you from having your home in the style you love if it doesn’t go well with all those items you have been hoarding for 10 years.


How to organize your home


How to organize your home


How to get rid of clutter – Easy steps to declutter


So, now you know why getting rid of clutter is important. But what are the 5 magic steps to decluttering?



As you know a pact is a formal agreement…so make one with yourself and the clutter in your home. Use it as a tool to help you remember the easy steps to decluttering.

The best part is that you can use this tool for large spaces like whole rooms and also for the tiniest areas like an office drawer.

But what does A-Pact mean?


The First Step To Decluttering




Before moving or sorting anything ask yourself some questions.


How Do You Want To Use The Room?


What Is The Reason You Want It Organized?


How To Declutter Your Room?


I suggest actually writing the answers down for these questions.


You can do this with our free decluttering checklist.


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You won’t really declutter unless you dig deep with these questions. It’s no good answering that you want the house tidy. Being really specific will give you a solid goal and help you stay motivated.  

For example, say you want to organize the piles of paperwork in your home office. Ask yourself “why do I want to organize this space?”

Maybe it’s because last time you needed an important document it took you half an hour of sifting through the pile, or maybe you missed paying your insurance because the bill disappeared into the pile?


Home hacks for organizing


Once you’ve answered the question, then move onto step 2…


Decluttering Action Steps



This decluttering step is just as it sounds. Start to pile “like” items together.  

Be as specific as you can.

In the pantry, pile Spices together.

In your closet, pile all your shirts together. And do another pile for your socks.

With your paperwork, pile all 401K paperwork together. Pile phone bills in another etc, etc.

Try not to declutter too much at once. It’s okay to just do one cupboard at a time.


Declutter Your Home


Declutter With Purpose



Now it is time to sort through your piles. Take each pile and break it down into two piles. One “treasure” and one “trash.”

By only having two piles you will start to learn to make those quick and sometimes tough decisions. Don’t detour from these two piles or you will end up with a third “ Not sure” pile that will just end up as clutter.

This step will get easier the more you declutter. And don’t feel that just because it is in the trash pile it means it is going to the garbage. Rather it means it will no longer be in YOUR home.



Make Money From Decluttering



Now you are going to go through your trash pile and break this down into more manageable piles. My piles are “Donate”, “Sell” and “Garbage”.

Once you have these piles make sure you take action steps straight away.

Put your “Donate” pile in the car so you can drop it off next time you drive somewhere. Take photos of the items you are going to “Sell” and put them up on facebook or great selling website.

The final step is where you get organized…


Last Step To Decluttering




Take your “treasure” pile and start organizing. You will find that organizing your home is so much easier now you have got down to just those items you really want or need.

Place items where they belong, put new organization storage systems in place and keep those
“Like” items together.

Some other home organization ideas are to make all your storage systems super simple and easy. And to organize items depending on how often you use them. Be sure to have items you use more frequently within reach.


So, Now you know the simple steps to have A-PACT with your clutter.

If you really want to organize effectively then be sure to check out our hacks for each area of the home.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your decluttering post. I found it easygoing and that is just in reading your article. I love all of your suggestions but the two that resonate to me right now are treasure or trash. Thanks again, cheers.

  2. I really Love this concept (A-PAC)!
    It breaks down decluttering into a manageable, logical process! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! The A-PACT made it easy and less overwhelming, esp with paper clutter. When you know is it treasure or trash, you will have a clearer picture of what to keep and what to toss ( shred)!
    A useful way to spend time during this time of COVID19!

    Stay safe,



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