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How To Get Organized Working From Home

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Need help organizing your home office? Find easy home office organization ideas that will help you be more productive and efficient. 


Working from home has its perks, like going to work in your pajamas!

The downside is that your home office can often become a disorganized mess that you constantly have to look at…even when you are not working. 

And keeping a tidy office isn’t just about looks. Studies have shown that a tidy desk promotes productivity and creativity while reducing stress and anxiety!

Keep reading to find out easy ways to get organized working from home. It’s the easiest way to be more productive!


Keep Organization Systems Simple


Think about what absolute basics you need and what items you use constantly throughout your working day.

Desk Organization

On your desk only have items that you use every single day, multiple times. 

Anything else, pop in a pile, we will get to that soon. 

What have you got left on your desk? Find organization systems to keep that tidy. For example, if you have a to-do paperwork pile, find a tray to keep it neat and in one spot.

Stationery we would recommend you keep in a drawer with a drawer organizer to keep it neat and make it faster to find things you need. 

If you must have stationery on your desk then get a practical stationery holder that is small enough to hold just the vital things you use often.

Organize Cables

Cables not only look unsighlty but they can be a saftey concenr if they are in spots you can easily trip over them. Having your cables all neatly organized is also great when you need to unplug your euipment. This simple organization idea can save you time and frsutration. 

After you have done these simple steps it’s time to look at that pile you made earlier!



First, look through the pile and sort into file, work on and trash.

The easiest way to keep your home office organized as a no clutter policy. Nothing gets put in a pile anywhere.

Taking the time to put away everything may seem time-consuming but we guarantee it will be a whole lot quicker in the long run. Compare those few seconds to the minutes you can waste looking for the right document or paperwork. 

Put all trash in the bin straight away and put the “to work on” paperwork in your desk filing system. 


Have A Place For Everything

Create a filing system that works for you!

You may not have much paperwork and get by with a few ring binders to keep paperwork organized.

If you do decide this suits you be sure to either work onpaper that already has holesor have a hole punchsitting on your desk. This way you are more likely to file stuff straight away.

If you tend to have more paperwork then invest in a filing cabinet or two! It’s a great idea to have a smaller filing cabinet for recent paperwork then move stuff into a long term and bigger filing cabinet for storage. 

Need help getting your paperwork organized? Try these easy paper organization ideas

Sort, Trash, and File 


home office organization


Now you have organization systems you need to make sure you have an organization process!

This is a few simple things you can make a ritual of by doing daily, weekly or monthly as needed. It’s a great idea to actually add these to your to-do list or calendar to make sure they get done.

Here are some ideas of things that will help your office stayed organized:

  • Mail – Sort your mail daily. Trash mail you don’t need before it gets to your desk. Sort the rest and either but in your to-do pile, mark bills or appointments in your calendar or file. 
  • Receipts – File these monthly so you can keep on top of them and don’t dread tax time!
  • Projects – Check what projects are finished and can be filed, or migrated to storage. 
  • To-Do Tray – Go through this daily and file anything that has been done or mark anything that you need to do urgently in your calendar. 


Organization Rituals

One of the best ways to stay organized is to set aside a small time at the start and end of your day with a little clean-up.

At the start of the day, you can tidy anything that you didn’t put away the day before and set up ready for the day ahead.

You will be surprised at home much better you will feel starting and finishing your day with a clean slate. 

Get Organized With These Other Organization Ideas

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The best way to be more productive? Organize your work space! Find easy ways to get organized and stay organized. #organization #getorganized #organizaing #homeofficeorganization #deskorganization #organizationhacks #organizationideas

From desk organization ideas to organising paperwork, get the best home office organization ideas. #organization #getorganized #organizaing #homeofficeorganization #deskorganization #organizationhacks #organizationideas

Follow these easy steps to home office organization and watch how much time you save and how much more productive you become!




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