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Genius Cleaning Hacks With Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Get ready as we share some of our all-time favorite vinegar cleaning hacks.

If you are looking for an all-natural cleaning product without any nasty chemicals then white vinegar is the answer.

Not only is white vinegar a brilliant toxin-free cleaning agent, but it is also dirt cheap! One of our best cleaning hacks for frugal families.

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Keep reading to find out why white vintage is the best natural cleaning agent and all our cleaning hacks for using it around your home.


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Reasons Why You Should Clean With White Vinegar

Here are just a few reasons why we always keep a few gallons of white vinegar in our homes.


  • It’s cheap. Not only is the actual vinegar cheaper than most cleaning products. The fact that it can be used in so many ways means you will also be buying less products too.
  • It is totally natural and the best toxin free cleaner. Have you seen some of your cleaners say “Hazardous to Humans”? Why would you want to spray that around your home?
  • It is a natural disinfectant. The high acidity kills germs, mold and bacteria.
  • You can use it in every room in the house. We use vinegar for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and even home office.
  • It is a great cleaning product for household surfaces. Tiles, rugs, carpets, glass and lots more. It is a brilliant natural multi-purpose cleaner.
  • You can mix it with baking soda, another natural cleaner, for even more amazing DIY cleaning hacks.

The truth is that vinegar is not the best smelling, right? So, how do you make it smell better?


How To Make Vinegar Smell Better For Cleaning


Cleaning Hacks for home


The easiest way to make vinegar smell better is by adding some essential oils you use in your home. You can choose the scents you prefer but we would recommend oils like eucalyptus and tea tree as these not only are great oils for deodorizing but also act as extra killers of bacteria.

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Ways To Use White Vinegar For Cleaning


Here are the best cleaning hacks for vinegar. They cover every room in the house and will help you clean your home like a pro! From natural ways to clean your bathroom to cleaning carpets.

For cleaning, we recommend using Distilled White Vinegar like this HERE.

Cleaning Tip – Before using vinegar on any fabrics or carpets we would also suggest doing a small test spot first


DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Cleaning Tips


Make up a natural general cleaner with half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. You can use this as a DIY everyday cleaner for bench tops, kitchen basins, tiles and lots more. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to make your whole home smell amazing.


Sanitize Cloths and Mops With Vinegar


Cleaning Hacks


Rinse your cloths and mops first with water then place them to soak in a bucket for 15-20 minutes that has 2 gallons of water to one cup of vinegar.  Be sure to rinse the vinegar off with water after sanitizing.


Shower Head Cleaning Hack


Remove the shower head and soak overnight in white vinegar. If it is difficult to remove the shower head simply, put a plastic bag filled with vinegar over the shower head. Make sure it is tied securely ( with a rubber band or hair tie) and leave overnight. Turn the shower on after cleaning and run for a while to rinse before jumping in to shower.


How To Clean A Dishwasher


Empty your dishwasher then run a hot cleaning cycle with just a cup of white vinegar inside. We suggest placing it on the top rack.


Easy Cleaning Hack For Microwave


If you have marks that are hard to clean off and a bit of a funky odor in your microwave just turn it on high with a cup of white vinegar in a microwave-safe container in it. You don’t need it running for long, just 1 minute. Let the steam work its magic for a while. Then remove the container and wipe down the inside of the microwave with clean water.   


Homemade Natural Window Cleaner


How To Organize Your Home


In a spray bottle make a solution that is half vinegar and half water. Clean the windows and rinse. Use a squeegee for a perfect finish. 


How To Clean Grout


Don’t struggle with hard to clean grout any more with this easy cleaning tip. Just spray straight vinegar onto the grout, leave for around 15 minutes then give it a good scrub with a small brush or toothbrush.


How To Clean Bath Toys


Bath toys get so dirty and moldy. Don’t throw them away, instead use this easy cleaning hack for toys. Soak toys in vinegar for 3-4 hours. If you want to leave them smelling amazing, add a few drops of essential oils into the soaking tub too.


Use Vinegar to Clean Carpets


You can use vinegar in a steam cleaner instead of expensive cleaners. If you want to add a nice smell just add one of your favorite essential oils.


How To Spot Clean Carpets


Use the multi-purpose spray from our first cleaning hack as a carpet spot cleaner. Spray on the carpet and rub gently on the mark to remove. If there is a really stubborn stain you can put a little baking soda over the vinegar before scrubbing. Make sure you rinse the vinegar well and then vacuum.


How To Make A DIY Glass Cleaner


We always suggest using newspaper to clean mirrors. First wet the newspaper slightly and spray with straight vinegar. Clean your mirror! Vinegar and newspaper will is the best way to clean your mirror for a streak-free finish.

If you want to stop your mirrors from fogging up you can use the same piece of newspaper after cleaning and add eucalyptus. Then wipe over the mirror again.


How To Remove Grease


Just use the multi-purpose cleaner from hack one and alter the ratio of vinegar to water until it cuts clear through the grease.


How To Clean Cookings Trays and Oven Pans


You can use this cleaning hack for pans, oven trays, and the racks in your oven too. Fill the bathtub with hot water until the pans are covered. Add 1/2 a cup of vinegar and soak for a couple of hours. Give them a good rinse and extra scrub for any leftover marks.


Natural Cleaner For Floors


Clean and disinfect your home’s floors with this natural floor cleaner. Fill a bucket with hot water and add vinegar. A good ratio is 1/2 cup of vinegar to every gallon of water.


Clean Water Bottles


If you are trying to help the environment by not buying bottled water, you probably have a whole lot of water bottles in your home. Give them a good clean every so often by putting some straight vinegar in the bottle with a little hot water. Give the bottle a really good shake then rinse thoroughly.


For even more natural cleaning hacks you can mix vinegar with bicarb soda. Here are some of our best ways to use Vinegar and Bicarb in the home.


Deep Clean Your Toilet Naturally


Use straight vinegar inside the toilet bowl making sure you cover the sides in vinegar too. Leave to soak while you clean the rest of the bathroom. If it needs a super deep clean you can even leave overnight.

Spray the outside of the toilet with vinegar and wipe down with a damp cloth. An easy toilet cleaning hack to get rid of grime and germs.


Vinegar and Baking Soda Cleaning Hacks


When you mix baking soda and vinegar they react making them a great combo for a natural DIY cleaner. You can play around with the ratio of each ingredient to make pastes/sprays or extra strong cleaning products. 


How To Unclog A Drain


Pour white vinegar and baking soda down a drain then let the chemical reaction do it’s magic!


Natural Oven Cleaner


Mix up a paste with vinegar and baking soda. Make sure your oven is off and cool, then apply to the inside of your oven. Leave overnight then clean off. You may need to still give a good scrub while rinsing for tough spills.


How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Marks


If you have a mark that just won’t come off on your kitchen bench or bathroom vanity then try this cleaning hack. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain then spray with vinegar. Leave it fizzing for a while and then give it a good scrub.


Get Rid Of Soap Scum in Your Bathtub


Wipe your bathtub with vinegar then with sprinkle baking soda. Give the bath a good scrub then rinse off to find a sparkling clean bathtub.


How To Make Your Home Smell Nice


Baking soda is great for eliminating odors. You can leave a small, open container in your fridge to soak up odors. Or make a DIY air freshener with a tablespoon of vinegar a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle. Add one cup of water and you have a natural febreeze you can spray anywhere in your home.


So many ways to clean your home naturally! We hope this post helps you save money on cleaning and gives you some easy ideas to make cleaning easier.


Here are the best Cleaning Tools For Your Home to use with Vinegar and Baking Soda. 


Steam Carpet Cleaner

Microfibre cloths

Spray bottle


Baking Soda


Scrubbing Brush

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