things you should be decluttering for Christmas

13 Things You Should Be Decluttering Before Christmas

13 Things to Declutter Before Christmas Do you know what you need to be decluttering for Christmas? Set yourself up for success and get your home in shape before all the new items arrive. It’s important to make space for the new and declutter the old stuff away. Check out our tips on things to … Read More

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30 day challenge to Declutter Your Home

 How to declutter in just 30 days with this easy declutter challenge I don’t know about you but there never seems enough minutes in a day to get through the to-do list and trying to declutter, always seems to get missed. A great way to start to declutter your life is to declutter your home! … Read More

amazing decluttering and minimalist quotes to help you have a simpler life

25+ Amazing Decluttering and Minimalist Quotes For A Simpler Life

Amazing decluttering and minimalist quotes that will inspire you to have less, be clutter free and live a simpler life with less stuff. Following our post about organization quotes I wanted to do a round up post with my favorite decluttering quotes. After all, the decluttering process should actually precede the organization process. We often … Read More

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Tips for garage sale – How to have a successful yard sale

Ready to be successful with your yard sale? Check out my top 10 tips for garage sale that will make you sell more unwanted stuff and have better profit! So you have decluttered and are not quite sure yet what to do with the items that you no longer want? A garage sale or yard … Read More

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How to use the Konmari method of decluttering + Konmari checklist PDF

Find out how to follow the Marie Kondo method in the right order and keep track or your decluttering with our easy Konmari Checklist! The new Netflix program called Tidying up with Marie Kondo has been received very well making decluttering a popular topic again all a sudden. But why so many people have trouble … Read More

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How To Declutter Your Home Fast

Taking a good hard look at the clutter in your home can be overwhelming, and is usually the very first hurdle you have to jump across before you can actually work out how to declutter and organize your home. But what if you knew there was an easy way to get clear of clutter and … Read More