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13 Things You Should Be Decluttering Before Christmas

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13 Things to Declutter Before Christmas

Do you know what you need to be decluttering for Christmas? Set yourself up for success and get your home in shape before all the new items arrive. It’s important to make space for the new and declutter the old stuff away. Check out our tips on things to declutter before Christmas below!

Right before the holidays begin, you can expect your house to get quite cluttered.

Between your seasonal home decorations, Christmas gift-wrapping supplies, and the Amazon boxes that don’t stop coming, you might be lucky to have one decluttered room in your home.

Decluttering can reduce some of the chaos in your home, and it also makes your home more presentable to your holiday guests.

Your friends and family may not care about your home being messy, but you certainly don’t want to see them climb over clutter to navigate your house.

When you have so much to clean up, you’re bound to lose track of which spaces need extra TLC. Be sure to tidy up these commonly cluttered spots before your first Christmas gathering!

So check these tips out before you get too busy with Christmas planning!


13  ways to declutter for the Holidays


  • Your Entryway

Clear all of your packages from your door.

Open the packages, put their contents in their designated spot in your home, and recycle the boxes.

If you had holiday gifts for other people delivered to your house, make sure the recipients aren’t nearby when you clear out the area!


  • Your Coffee Tables

If your coffee tables in your living room are cluttered with mail, now is the time to clear it off! Throw away or recycle spam mail, like advertisements or repeat notices.

Get rid of any old newspapers, outdated catalogs, and letters you no longer need.

Place any magazines in a magazine rack or other designated spot, and store your bills somewhere safe. In the future, opt for electronic bills and statements!


  • Your Bathrooms

Store any items that you don’t use often in their designated drawers or cabinets. Throw away empty containers – check your cabinets for these, too!

Get rid of any expired wellness products, like vitamins and topical ointments. Hang your toilet paper on a rack or holder, and put extra rolls in a cabinet.


  • Your Laundry Room

Check your laundry room for clothes that need to be put away. You may have items in there that you completely forgot you owned!

Once your clean laundry is cleared out, you’ll have room to wash any clothing that you find on your floors.

Throw out or recycle empty detergent bottles or other containers, and hang up any clothespins or hangers that may have fallen to the ground.

declutter for the holidays
Things you should be decluttering for Christmas


Things you Should be decluttering for Christmas


  • Your Desks

Your desks have likely accumulated mail, office supplies, and printouts that need to be put away.

Throw out or store old homework assignments, projects, or reports that your kids don’t need.

Place your writing utensils in an accessible spot, like in an office supply organizer. Put away any files and folders that don’t need to be on your desk, too.


  • Your Nightstands

Nightstands and bedside tables are hotspots for clutter! Store chargers in a drawer, but throw out any that no longer work.

Throw away old mail while storing your more important documents in their designated spots.

Recycle any bottles or cans that made their way into your room, and put glasses and coffee mugs back where they belong.

Keep any eyewear, retainers, medication, and other medical devices out of site from anyone who may wander into your bedroom.


  • Seasonal and Holiday Decorations

If you still have Halloween decorations sitting around, it’s time to put them in a storage closet.

If you have winter decorations that haven’t been hung up yet, now’s the time to do it. The easiest way to declutter Christmas decorations is to just use them!

Also, it is always easy to declutter your ornament storage boxes and Christmas light bins ahead of the time to make sure they are still in good condition.


  • Unwanted Clothes

Many people collect their old clothing with every intention of donating them, but they might procrastinate instead.

Get those bags of clothes out of your house by donating them to your local shelter or organizations.

Make sure everyone in your house gives you their unwanted items to avoid making a second trip!

thnngs to declutter before christmas
Things to declutter before the Holidays


Pre-Holiday Declutter Plan


  • Your Kitchen

Clean and put away utensils, plates, and drinkware. Clear out your dishwasher, too – you may have forgotten just how many mugs you have.

Put away spices, cookware, and cleaning supplies. Clear off your kitchen island or table; then, put that clutter in its designated spot in your house. Throw away any expired food.


  • Your Dining Room

If you’ve ever had more dinner guests than dining room chairs, you’ve likely borrowed chairs from other rooms in your home.

Put those chairs back in their designated rooms. If you don’t use you dining room very often, you may have cluttered your table with mail, packages, or things your kids promised they would put away later.

Clear those items off of your table before putting them where they belong. Bring any silverware, glasses, or plates into your kitchen to be washed.


  • Your Fridge

Decluttering your refrigerator is easy – simply throw away anything that’s rotting or expired!

You can also utilize your fridge’s drawers and compartments for smaller items.

Evaluate whether or not you’ll really eat those leftovers that have been sitting in your fridge since last week.

Take out the trash immediately after decluttering your fridge to avoid filling your home with the rancid stench of rotting food.


  • Your Closet

Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn in years? Throw them in a bag; then, donate them to a local shelter.

Pick up any clothing off your closet floor, and wash each item before hanging them back up. Dispose of broken or worn-out shoes, as well as anything that’s heavily stained.


  • Your Child’s Play Area

Put your child’s toys in their designated spots (or have your child do that themselves).

Put books, games, and electronics back on their shelves. Put away craft supplies they may have left out, and throw away empty supply containers. Look out for LEGOs on the floor!

Christmas cleaning is stressful, especially when your home may get re-cluttered after the holidays.

Get a head start on decluttering now to save you time as the holidays get closer, and revisit these spaces right before Christmas to tidy up a bit more.

When you start your holiday season with a clean, decluttered home, you’ll have less to clean after the festivities have died down. This year, give yourself the gift of a peaceful home and enjoy a perfect time!

So, how do you prepare for the Holidays? What are some tips for decluttering around the home during Christmas season that you can share with us? Let me know in comments below.


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