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30 day challenge to Declutter Your Home

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 How to declutter in just 30 days with this easy declutter challenge

I don’t know about you but there never seems enough minutes in a day to get through the to-do list and trying to declutter, always seems to get missed.

A great way to start to declutter your life is to declutter your home! Trust us after 31 days, not only is your home going to feel and look much better but you will feel more relaxed and more productive!

So keep reading how to declutter house in 30 days!


Why You Need To Declutter Your House


how to have a clutter free home


Believe it or not, studies have shown that clutter is bad for your health.

From putting on weight, creating anxiety to making your asthma and allergies worse, there are many ways all that mess in your home is negatively impacting your health and wellbeing. 


How To Get Motivated To Clean When Overwhelmed By Mess


One of the biggest barriers you may come across when you decide how to declutter your house is actually starting!

Looking at years worth of belongings and mess can be enough to keep putting off the task of declutter house items. 

Although having a home that runs better and makes you feel better is a huge draw, it is often not enough to make you want to go start decluttering.

Our top tip is to reward yourself!

You could do small rewards for every day that you use our decluttering ideas. Or one big reward when you finish (or both!)

Just make sure those rewards don’t involve bringing clutter back into your home!

Other suggestions are to ask for help from other household members. Get them all involved in the challenge with you. And to put on some of your favorite tunes while you work!


How To Declutter


declutter challenge


How to declutter your home is easy with this checklist. All you need to do is work on the area for the day and trash anything that is old, broken or unused. Remove anything that is for donation or selling.  Just try to get rid of as much clutter as you can!

You will probably find that this task gets easier and easier as you progress through the 30-day challenge. 

If you really want to declutter thoroughly you may want to work on the principles we shared over in our KonMari Method post. You can use this for everything on this checklist, from how to declutter your room to go through the bookshelf!


Decluttering Tips


The best way to keep your space decluttered is house organization. If everything has a place then clutter tends to disappear.

If you are really dedicated to this challenge you can declutter and organize as you go. This way you won’t need to go through this declutter challenge. If you need some organization ideas, head here. 

If you are new to decluttering and all these seems overwhelming then just start small.

It is perfectly okay for you to do small decluttering tasks each day, then repeat this challenge the next month more thoroughly when you feel more confident. 


30 day Declutter Challenge


Here is the 30 day challenge!

Just download the free declutter checklist pdf and print it off.

We suggest you stick the declutter checklist somewhere you look at every day, maybe the fridge or the bathroom mirror. This way you will remember you need to do one thing to declutter home!

Declutter Your Home Checklist


how to declutter your home


How To Declutter A House


Before you start the challenge we suggest grabbing a few cardboard boxes and putting them somewhere for the month (maybe the garage? ). Label these donation and selling. 

As you do each decluttering task if items aren’t for the trash they can go in either of these boxes and you can then donate or sell at the end of the month.

Also make sure you have some basic cleaning supplies like microfibre cloths, and all-purpose cleaner. 


Click here if you want some more ideas on decluttering your home:


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We hope you love this 30 day declutter challenge! 

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