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Easy House Cleaning List – How To Always Have A Clean Home

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Don’t waste money on professional cleaning services, download our simple house cleaning list and have a cleaner house, and happier home. 

House cleaning is no ones favorite job but having a clean home is essential for your health and happiness.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours every day cleaning your house.

A really easy way to keep your home clean is to have a daily house cleaning schedule. To make this even easier for you we have created a free download for how to keep home clean.

It covers daily, weekly and monthly cleaning chores. This way you know everything gets cleaned and you can just do small cleaning jobs that add up to make a huge difference. 

Before you get our free printable household cleaning schedule, check out some easy cleaning tips to make home cleaning easier. 


How To Clean Your House


cleaning tips


Follow some of these simple house cleaning tips to find out how to clean faster and more efficiently. 


How To Keep House Clean

  • Want to be healthier and greener with your house cleaning? Household cleaners can be full of many toxins and chemicals. Head here to find some amazing natural cleaners that can replace toxic cleaning products.
  • Find a schedule that suits your lifestyle and habits. If you want to your home to be cleaner, your system needs to work for you, otherwise, you are just going to be more stressed!
  • Declutter your home! It’s going to be so much easier to keep your home clean if you have less clutter to clean around. 
  • Use good quality cleaning products. Spending a little extra for things like microfiber cloths, are going to save you lots of time and energy. 
  • Share the load. Give children jobs, ask your partner to help. Everyone that lives in the home should help to keep it clean. Even giving children small jobs like wiping down the kitchen bench daily can really save you lots of time cleaning.  

From how to clean a shower to best bathtub cleaner we have lots more cleaning tips you will love. Click here to find the best cleaning hacks

cleaning products


House Cleaning List

Download our easy house cleaning schedule here. 

House Cleaning List


How To Clean House


The best way to use this house cleaning schedule is to set days or times for you to do the tasks. Remember to be realistic, and flexible. 

Some days you won’t do everything, but that’s okay. Even just by regularly using this cleaning checklist you will start to notice a big difference in how clean your home is. 

We laminate the printable so we can tick off each week as we go, then wipe it off and start again.

You could also put names next to the person whose job it is to make sure the cleaning chore is done. 


Spring Cleaning

Once you have an easy home cleaning schedule you will find that spring cleaning isn’t as huge a job as it used to be. 

Deep cleaning your house next? Get our free deep cleaning checklist here. 

Want a clean home all the time? Follow this free printable Cleaning Checklist with daily, weekly and monthly task. #cleaningschedule #cleaningscheduleforworkingmom #cleaningscheduleprintable #cleaningchecklist #cleaning #cleaninghack #cleaningtip #housecleaning #homecleaning

Get your free printable house cleaning list and make house cleaning easy. #cleaningschedule #cleaningscheduleforworkingmom #cleaningscheduleprintable #cleaningchecklist #cleaning #cleaninghack #cleaningtip #housecleaning #homecleaning

Cleaning printable with daily cleaning tasks and more #cleaningschedule #cleaningscheduleforworkingmom #cleaningscheduleprintable #cleaningchecklist #cleaning #cleaninghack #cleaningtip #housecleaning #homecleaning

Easy cleaning schedule to have a clean home always #cleaningschedule #cleaningscheduleforworkingmom #cleaningscheduleprintable #cleaningchecklist #cleaning #cleaninghack #cleaningtip #housecleaning #homecleaning

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