Toilet Smells

How To Get Rid Of Toilet Smells Easily

Smell From Toilet Toilet smells even after cleaning? Find out what is causing toilet smells and learn easy smell hacks make your toilet smell fresh and clean. Bad smells from the toilet can be annoying and also embarrassing when you have visitors come to your home.  We know you have probably already tried ALL the … Read More

The best Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

House cleaning for pet owners It’s okay to want to have a clean house even when you have pets. In this post I will show you my favorite cleaning hacks for pet owners. For many pet owners, furry friends are members of the family. They receive unconditional love, care, and attention from other people in … Read More

Easy DIY bathroom hacks to keep it clean and organized

9 Easy DIY Bathroom Hacks You Need To Try

Best DIY Bathroom Hacks to keep it clean and organized Tired of a dirty and disorganized bathroom? Try these clever DIY bathroom hacks to have a room your are proud of! A messy, disorganized bathroom is never fun. Nobody wants a shampoo bottle falling on their head as they shower! Bathrooms don’t just tend to get … Read More

The best Amazon Prime day deals fro homemakers

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Cleaning and Homemaking Products

LIVE NOW – PRIME DAY SALES! SCROLL DOWN TO THE DEALS BELOW The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 For Homemakers Are you excited about Amazon Prime Day 2019 as much as we are? Well, you should! Amazon Prime Day is the best time of the year to snag some amazing home appliances and tools … Read More

How to make homemade disinfectant wipes

Homemade Disinfectant Wipes: Easy DIY reusable cleaning wipes

Reusable Homemade Disinfectant Wipes Looking for a more affordable and eco friendly alternative for cleaning wipes? In this post I will share how you can DIY your own reusable homemade disinfectant wipes. One of the things that are used almost daily in a lot of households are cleaning wipes. We use them to clean up … Read More

How to have a clean house with daily chores

5 Easy Daily Cleaning Tasks For A Clean Home

Daily Cleaning Tasks Trying to keep your house clean can seem like a never-ending battle. Get on top of house cleaning with these simple and easy to do daily chores Not many of us can put house chores on top of our favorite activities list. If you are anything like us, you tend to put … Read More

How to spring clean your business with 6 simple steps

How to Spring Clean your Business and Workplace (6 simple tips)

Spring cleaning at work Having problems getting organized at work? Check out these spring cleaning business tips to bring energy and inspiration to your business or work place. Spring cleaning is not just another cleaning session you do in your house. To deep clean in the Spring is a habit to that needs to extend … Read More

how to use magic eraser

Magic Eraser Uses That Will Change Your Life

Magic Eraser Uses If you have used a magic rub eraser before you know that they are the best…well, magic cleaner! But we are betting you didn’t know all these amazing magic eraser uses. Try them out…they will honestly change the way you clean forever.  We all know we can use a magic eraser on walls, … Read More

How to spring clean your life

Spring Cleaning Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

How to Spring Clean Your Life Ever feel that you need a cleanse for life? Read this post to learn how to clear your mind and life. When the weather warms up we begin to feel motivated to go through the house and clear out everything that we do not need. We must agree that … Read More

Declutter garage

How To Spring Clean The Garage

 How to deep-clean and declutter your garage with these easy Garage Spring Cleaning tips  We all know how much better the whole house feels after doing the annual home deep cleaning. But why stop at the house? The garage often gets left out off the spring cleaning checklist Since most of us use our garage … Read More