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Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

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House cleaning for pet owners

It’s okay to want to have a clean house even when you have pets. In this post I will show you my favorite cleaning hacks for pet owners.

For many pet owners, furry friends are members of the family. They receive unconditional love, care, and attention from other people in the home.

Most people who own a pet can attest to how much happier they are with an animal in the house. 

Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities. Just like humans, pets need medical care, discipline, and a safe living environment.

Unfortunately, no matter how old a pet gets, they can’t handle these tasks by themselves. That leaves their owners to clean up their accidents, dander, odors, and toys.

These cleaning hacks are geared towards pet owners. Homes with pets get dirtier than homes without, so you’ll need to take some extra steps to maintain your living space.

Whether your pet is big, small, in a cage, or outside of one, you can make cleaning up after them easier!


House cleaning for pet owners


  1. Robot Vacuums

Your pets hang out in places that you probably wouldn’t, like behind the couch or under your bed. One of the best way to clean floors with pets around is to use a vacuum robot.

Since these spaces can be hard to reach with a handheld vacuum, invest in a robot vacuum to take care of any hair your pets leave behind.  These appliances make bending, reaching, and straining yourself to clean a thing of the past!

Most people are familiar with the Roomba, but there are other brands on the market.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 can change modes based on its function, and it can even differentiate between carpet and tile.


  1. Feline Supplements

Did you know that your cat’s diet can affect how much they shed? Giving your cat a feline supplement can strengthen their hair and reduce shedding.

Look for liquid supplements with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as the kibble form is typically less potent. You can either feed it to your cat off of a spoon or sneak it into their food.

If you already have trusted pet supplement brand, see if they have a fatty acid product. Otherwise, try the Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.


  1. Dog Toy Box

Dogs love their toys! They also love leaving their toys in the most inconvenient spots, leaving their owners and house guests to trip and step on anything they decided to move around.

Put all of your dog’s toys in one spot with this DIY dog toy box. It only costs $5 to make, and you’ll finally have a way to get those toys off the floor.

This budget project uses a wooden crate, acrylic paint, unfinished furniture knobs, and optional scrapbook paper.

You can use the scrapbook paper instead of a sanding tool if you’re engraving your box.


  1. Pet Bowl Placemat

While we humans have mastered the art of drinking without getting water everywhere, cats and dogs may splash their water all over the floor.

To prevent slippery messes and ruined floors, put your pets’ bowls on this placemat. There are several options to choose from but this water proof one here is perfect for any pet owner!

cleaning tips for pet owners
Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners


Best cleaning products for pet owners


  1. Remove Cat Urine from Carpets

Cat urine lingers on carpets for years. It’s no wonder landlords charge so much for pet deposits – they’ll have to spend just as much to restore their carpets for the next tenants.

Restore your carpet by absorbing wet urine with a newspaper before spraying mouthwash onto the affected area. The mouthwash smells nice and gets rid of bacteria, so no one will ever know that your cat peed where they’re standing.

Since most mouthwashes are tinted, consider getting a mouthwash in a color that matches your carpet.

Even if it stains, it’ll be easier to remove the tint from your carpet than it would have been to get rid of the cat pee smell.

Check my post for more home smell hacks.


  1. Clean your linens

How often do you wash your blankets and bedsheets? If you have pets, you’re likely not washing them enough to get their dander out of your bed.

Wash any linens your pet interacts with, including the towels you use when bathing them. You’ll want to do this on a regular basis to keep dander, dust, and allergies at bay.

It’s especially important to clean your linens as spring rolls around.

The warm weather invites people to leave their windows open, but that increases the number of allergens that enter your home.

Even if your family doesn’t suffer from allergies, cleaning the pet dander off of your linens will make your home safer for your guests.

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  1. Weekly Surface Clean

You don’t need to deep clean your home to get rid of pet pollutants!

Set aside one hour each week to clean your household surfaces to remove dust and dander.

Use a dusting spray, microfiber cloth, bathroom spray, hardwood floor cleaner, and some basic cleaning tools to get the job done. Remember to clean your glass doors – some dogs like to place their paws on them!

If you’re just cleaning the parts of your home that your pets get dirty, you can spend even less time on your weekly surface clean. It will only take 15 minutes to clean your entire home’s floors, 7 minutes per bathroom, and 6 minutes per bedroom.

Find out how to clean your home fast here!

Cleaning up after your pets doesn’t have to be a grueling task. With these hacks, any pet owner can maintain and restore their home.

Now, you’ll no longer have to choose between having pets and having a clean home!

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