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100 Easy Things To Throw Out Now For A Clutter Free Home and Life

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Find out how to declutter your home easily with this secret decluttering hack! Before you know it your life and home will be clutter free and feel amazing.

We all know that having a clutter-free home is good for our health and wellbeing. 

The problem is often it can be hard to know where to even start!

As we stare at years worth of belongings and things, it can be hard to make decisions like what sparks joy with the MariKondo method.

A simple trick is to actually just START.

Once you begin the task of decluttering you will find you get into the swing of things. Then it gets easier and easier to declutter your home. 

So how to start?

Before you start pulling out all your closets or deciding if you should donate Grandmas last birthday present to you, go through the lost below.

We have found 100 easy things to declutter. 


Easy Thing To Declutter From Your Home and Life


This list is made up of things you can easily declutter and remove from your life.

You won’t have to make any tough decisions or choices. 

Not only will your space start to feel amazing once you have decluttered these items but you will find it so much easier to get motivated to tackle all those big decluttering tasks! 


Declutter Your Bedroom



  1. Throw away any underwear that’s got holes, bad elastic or just doesn’t fit. 
  2. Toss any bras that don’t fit, have broken underwire or you don’t wear. 
  3. Throw any clothes that have holes, or are beyond repair.
  4. Donate clothes that no longer fit…or you won’t wear again.
  5. Throw broken jewelry or those single earrings you lost the other set of. 
  6. Throw out shoes that are beyond repair..even if they are your favorite.
  7. Sort out your clothes hangers and throw out broken ones
  8. Donate handbags you no longer use
  9. Throw out old pillows and bedding
  10. Throw out all your socks with holes


Declutter The Kitchen

  1. Check all your spices and throw away out of date ones.
  2. Throw out broken kitchen appliances
  3. Donate crockery or dishes you never use
  4. Donate food that you aren’t going to ever use
  5. Throw away chipped cups, glasses, and crockery
  6. Throw away odd Tupperware, like lids or containers with no lids
  7. Donate cookbooks you don’t use…maybe even all of them if you look online for recipes now
  8. Throw out take out menus..you can look online when you need them
  9. Throw out unsharp knives, bent cutlery
  10. Donate platters and cups that you don’t use or need. ( We all have a cupboard of 20 or so mugs…do we really need 5 cups per person in the house? 
  11. Check expiry dates on frozen food and trash old items
  12. Do the same for all the canned and dried food
  13. Look through the condiments and trash expired ones
  14. Donate appliances you never use
  15. Throw out kitchen towels that have holes


Declutter The Living Area



  1. Donate old CD’s you no longer listen too
  2. Trash scratched CD’s
  3. Trash any cushions with holes, or that have lost their shape
  4. Any furniture you don’t like, donate. 
  5. Donate any unwanted or broken nicnacs
  6. Donate books or magazines you don’t read
  7. Trash ripped books and magazines
  8. Outdated or broken electronics and technology can be thrown
  9. Board games that never get played can be donated
  10. Games or puzzles with pieces missing can be trashed
  11. Any candles you never use can be given away. 
  12. Donate or trash old DVD’s you don’t watch
  13. Trash any mats or rugs that have holes
  14. Trash old or broken remotes
  15. Done puzzle books can be thrown. 


Declutter The Bathroom



  1. Trash any out of date cosmetics.
  2. Any beauty product gifts you will never use can be given away or trashed
  3. Trash old makeup brushes
  4. Hair ties that have lost elastic can be thrown.
  5. Old hair brushes can be thrown
  6. Out of date pills or ones you no longer use need to go in the trash
  7. Towels with holes or frayed edges can be thrown
  8. Face clothes and towels that you never use because they feel rough can be donated or thrown
  9. Throw out old shampoos and conditioners you never use
  10. Trash nail polish that has dried up or you no longer use


Declutter The Laundry

  1. Get rid of those mismatched socks! 
  2. Clean out cleaning products you no longer use
  3. Trash broken clothespins
  4. Any clothing that has been sitting waiting for repair for more than six months..trash or donate to someone that will mend them
  5. Trash broken brooms, mops, dusters etc


Declutter Your Paperwork


how to overcome decluttering excuses


  1. Old Bills and Tax returns. If these are past the keep date then shred them and throw them in the recycle trash. 
  2. Receipts you no longer need.
  3.  Trash old greeting cards
  4. Trash files you no longer need
  5. Throw out old travel brochures


Declutter Your Purse/Wallet

  1. Trash loyalty cards you don’t use
  2. Clear out all old receipts
  3. Cut up out of date bank cards
  4. Check any notes in your purse, make sure you have actioned them, then trash
  5. Put business cards you need an organized spot, throw out the rest


Declutter The Garage

  1. Donate any unused exercise equipment
  2. Throw out broken, rusted tools
  3. Trash or donate anything that has been put in the garage because it is broken, unused etc.
  4. Get rid of any dried out paint
  5. Donate any extra furniture you have stored 

Really want to declutter the Grage? Why not have a garage sale? We share some great tips for having a successful garage sale here. 


Declutter The Home Office

  1. Get rid of those unused cords lying around
  2. Throw pens that no longer work
  3. Got old, or broken cell phones? Dispose of them properly
  4. Trash office supplies you have never used
  5. Clear your computer of files and programmes you don’t use or need


Declutter Craft Supplies

  1. Throw out scraps of material you have been saving for more than a year
  2. Trash dried up glues, pens etc
  3. Donate any supplies you have never used
  4. Get rid of spare bits and pieces of yarn, paper, and other items
  5. Are there projects that have sat unfinished for more than a year? Trash or donate to someone that will finish them. 


Declutter Miscellaneous Items


How to declutter


  1. Get rid of old invitations
  2. Throw old ticket stubs
  3. Any old planners, journals or calendars you no longer need, throw them out
  4. If you have odd pieces left over from parties like favors, paper napkins etc, trash them
  5. Give a friend any alcohol won’t drink, like wine you were given as a gift etc. 
  6. Trash dead batteries
  7. Sort the Christmas decoration and throw out broken baubles
  8. Get rid of Holiday lights that don’t work and
  9. Get rid of junk mail and old catalogs. 
  10. Give away gifts you don’t like or will never use. 
  11. If you have any chipped or broken picture frames, throw them out
  12. Sort through your medicine cabinet and dispose of old unused bandages, out of date medicine and creams that you no longer need
  13. Take pictures of children’s artwork for a keepsake then throw out the artwork.
  14. Go through your pets supplies. Throw any used toys or items or any products that are out of date
  15. Get rid of broken reading glasses and sunglasses
  16. Check your car and throw out any rubbish, paperwork or other items you don’t need
  17. Trash any paperwork you can find online, such as appliance manuals, instructions etc. 
  18. Toss out old wrapping paper you were saving, or paper that has got crumpled and you can’t use
  19. Sort through old luggage and throw away old and broken cases…throw out padlocks with no keys too
  20. Throw out spare items you were sure about but have kept for a year. Maybe a key you don’t know what it was for, or a cord. If you haven’t found out what it’s for within 12 months, it’s unlikely you need it. 


What’s Next? 

Well done! You have already taken a HUGE step in living a clutter-free life. 

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  1. Lots of good ideas here and motivation to get started. I’d suggest that some care should be taken to dispose of certain items with care, such as dead batteries, old electronics, old paint. There are recycling methods and environmentally sound ways of disposing these things responsibly.


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